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            We Need Your Help            
  • Do you have a great idea/suggestion?
  • Can you teach a course?
  • Can you monitor a mail list?
  • Can you lead a study group?
  • Can you mentor students?
  • Can you conduct a real-time chat session?
  • Can you look after administration work?
  • Can you write or edit newsletter information?
  • Do you have advanced Internet or Website Design skills?
  • Can't say what you can do but you are willing to help?
Yes! We Need Your Help!

Please e-mail us at if you believe you can help us in any way.

If you are suggesting a course, please include a brief description of the proposed course, (3 or 4 paragraphs); if you would like to teach this course, please include your qualifications and when this course would be ready to start...


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