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Canadian: Census Records-Part 1
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Census records are a pivotal source in trying to document our ancestry. They are among the most useful and commonly utilized records available to genealogists. By documenting the individuals and families in each census year, they provide a snapshot of what was happening at that time. This course will instruct the student in how to access Canadian census records and how to analyze the information provided. Differences between rural and urban censuses will be examined. Suggestions for using census substitutes, census finding aids, and resources will also be provided. A short history of census records in Canada is also included.

Course Content

Module 1
Introduction to Census Records
Types of Census Records
• Heads of Households
• Nominal
• Specialized Census Records
Where to Find Census Records
Reading Census Records
• Tips to Read Difficult Census Pages

Module 2
When I Locate My Family in a Census Record, What do I Get?
Column Headings
Agricultural Schedules
Locating an Individual in a Rural Census
• 1851 Census
• 1861 Census
• 1871 Census
• 1881 & 1891 Census
• 1901 Census
• 1911 Census
• 1921 Census
Additional Reading

Module 3
What if an Ancestor Cannot be Located in the Index?
Locating an Individual in a Large City
• George Gill Family of Montrιal
• Rev. John A. Turnbull of Toronto
Locating an Individual in a Rural Area
Census Aids

Module 4
How Accurate is the Information Contained in Census Records?
Census Records & the Information Within
Comparing Census Information
• What to Look for When Comparing Records
Specialized Information in Various Census Years
• 1851 Census
• 1861 Census
• 1870 Census for Manitoba only
• 1871 Census
• 1881 Census
• 1891 Census
• 1901 Census
• 1906 Census
• 1911 Census
• 1916 Census of the Prairie Provinces
• 1921 Census
• 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces
Census Records After 1926
• 1931 Census

Module 5
What if I Still Can’t Find Them?
Overcoming Challenges
Census Substitute Records
• Tax Assessment Rolls, Regional or Localized Census Records, & Poll Taxes
• Voter Lists
• Directories
• National Registration File of 1940
Specialized Websites for Census Records
Additional Resources

Module 6
Locating Census Resources
Other Resources
Genealogical & Historical Societies
Census Projects
Additional Resources
• British Columbia
• Alberta
• Saskatchewan
• Manitoba
• Ontario
• Quιbec
• New Brunswick
• Nova Scotia
• Prince Edward Island
• Newfoundland
• Northwest Territories & Yukon

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