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Research: Ukrainian Ancestors
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This course provides basic information and tips on researching Ukrainian ancestors at home and abroad. Ukraine is a large country shaped by history and geography, and it is only since 1991 that it has become "open" to receive genealogical requests.

An overview of how the country is formed lays the groundwork for how to look for relevant genealogical information. It is useful to gain some knowledge of the Ukrainian or Russian language when making research inquiries. Some language fundamentals will be explained.

The search for records should begin at "home," but the researcher may also need to be prepared to search "away." A list of sources and resources is included which will aid considerably when tracking down information. Some useful travel tips are given for those able to take a trip to Ukraine. A comprehensive reference list is provided and can serve as a basis for your own research catalogue.

Course Content

Module 1

Ukrainian General Information
• The First Wave (1896-1914)
• The Second Wave (1920s-1930s)
• The Third Wave (1940s-1950s)
• New Wave (1991 onwards)
Language & Names
• Language
• Ukrainian Genealogy Word List
• Names
Determining Possibilities for the Research
• Location Where Your Ancestors Came From
• Years of Birth, Marriage & Death
• Full Names of Ancestors, including Possible Spelling Variations
• Which types of resources are you interested in?
• Religion of Your Ancestors
Proceeding with Research
Recommended Reading

Module 2
Where To Start
Starting at the Beginning 
• Write Down What You Know
• Home Sources
• Family Interviews
• Research Log
• Genealogy Societies
• Social Media
Using Familiar Websites
• FamilySearch
• FamilySearch Catalog
• FamilySearch Research Wiki
• Ancestry
• Civil Registration/Vital Records/Vital Statistics
• Wills & Estates
• Obituaries & Newspaper Announcements
• Cemetery Records
• Census Records
Recommended Reading 

Module 3
Research Sources
• The Internet
• Immigration
• Hamburg Passenger Lists
• Port of Arrival (Entry)
• Immigrants from the Russian Empire
• Ukrainian Immigrants
• Homestead Records
• Naturalization & Citizenship
• Canada National Registration File of 1940

Module 4
Research Online & Offline
Continuing Your Research Online & Offline
Ukrainian Databases Online
• World War II Databases
Records in the Ukraine
• Village Council Resources
• Records from Archives & Registry Offices in Ukraine
• Church Records
• Zabuzanski Collection
Case Study
• Case Study Information

Module 5
Seeking Genealogical Help
Why You Should Hire a Professional Genealogist
• Finding a Professional Genealogist
• Contacting a Professional
• What the Professional Should Expect from You
• What to Expect from a Professional Researcher
Next Steps

Module 6
Taking The Next Steps
• atDNA
• Ancestry
• MyHeritage
• Ukrainian DNA
Visiting Ukraine 
• Writing to Ukraine
• Travel Agents & Travel Websites
• Preparing for a Trip to Ukraine
Research + DNA + Travel
Resources & Repositories
• Ukrainian Associations
• Archives in Ukraine
• Ukrainian Churches & Records
• Other Websites
Further Reading
Useful Forms  

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