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Discover Your Family History
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This is an introductory course to start tracing your family history. To begin your family history, we will start with answering the question “why should I trace my family history?” and then focus on “how do I trace my family history?” We will fill in a Pedigree Chart and Family Group Record to get started. We will then learn how to begin with family history research basics, from asking questions of living family members to finding “home sources” that provide relevant information. This will be followed with a review of the websites most used in family history research and sources that are available to research your family history. The course concludes with a look at next steps to continuing your research including DNA testing and hiring a genealogist.

Course Content

Module 1
Where do I Begin? Introduction to Family History
The Basics of Genealogy
Starting Genealogical Research
• Pedigree Chart / Family Tree
• Family Group Sheet
• Family Stories
• Including Photographs
Planting an Online Tree
• MyHeritage
• Ancestry
• FamilySearch
• WikiTree
Genealogy Software
Home Sources
• Family Bible
• Photographs
• Newspapers
• School Records
• Military Records
• Baptismal or Christening Certificates
• Funeral Cards
• Baby Books
Final Thoughts

Module 2
Oral Interviewing and Planning Research
• Get Ready to Interview
• Get Set
• Go!
• After the Interview
• Genealogy Myths
Family Stories and the Truth
Getting Ready to Research: Understanding Sources
• Sources
Information within Records
Cite Your Sources
Planning Your Family History Research 
Final Thoughts 
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 3
Commonly Used Records
Online & Offline Records and Missing Records
Commonly Used Records in Genealogy
• Vital Records
• Census Records
• Cemetery Records
• Religious Records
• Immigration
• City Directories or Phone Books
• Newspapers
• Military Records
• Land & Property Records
• Court & Probate Records
But What Do I Need?
Next Steps

Module 4
Family History on the Internet: Using FamilySearch
FamilySearch Catalog
• Searching the Catalog
• Keep Searching
FamilySearch Digital Library
• FamilySearch Digital Library Search
FamilySearch Historical Records
FamilySearch Research Wiki
Just an Introduction…Now Explore

Module 5
Searching Online Records vs. Offline Records
• Starting with Online Research
• Know the FAQs
• That Database May Not Be What You Think
• A Name, is A Name, is A Name…
• Nothing Stays the Same
Start Online, But Don’t Stay There!
Online Resources
• Don’t Stop at the Homepage
• What’s in (and isn’t in) that database?
• Use the Filmstrip
• Not Every Collection is Name Searchable
• Don’t Forget the Card Catalog
• One Last Thing…Members
• That’s Only the Beginning
Been There, Done That, Now What?
• Genealogy Finding Aids
• Searching on Google Books
Next Steps

Module 6
Asking for Help and Next Steps
Next Steps
• Asking for help
Be Prepared 
• At the Library
• Social Networking
Take a Research Trip
• First Things First
• On the Road
Hiring a Professional Genealogist
• Why Do You Need a Researcher?
• Locating a Researcher
Hiring a Researcher
• Contracts and Fees
• Responsibilities of the Researcher and You
• Signs of Good Research
• Signs of Inadequate Research
• Why Am I Testing?
• Which DNA Test Should I Take?
• Handy Forms

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