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Eastern European: Record Repositories
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Tracking down specific records for ancestors is likely the ultimate goal of students taking the Eastern European courses. Therefore, one important aspect of these courses is to describe the nature of the repositories where the needed records reside. There are a variety of libraries and archives (hence, the usage of the term “repositories”) one may access to obtain the needed records.

To be effective in using a variety of repositories in Central and Eastern Europe, it is important to learn about them, including their differences, and how to access them. Due to the sheer number of archives, libraries, societies, and other repositories for the various Eastern European countries, not all are identified. Each researcher may need a different set of repositories to succeed in research. This course will introduce the major kinds of repositories and a basic overview of how they operate.

Course Content

Module 1

Using FamilySearch & Its Collections
Free FamilySearch Account

Searching in the Family Tree
• Research by Location

Search by Collection
FamilySearch Family Tree
FamilySearch Genealogies
Help Center
FamilySearch Books
FamilySearch Research Wiki
Getting Started
FamilySearch Catalog
FamilySearch Indexing

Family History Library
• Preparing to Visit the Library
• Granite Mountain Records Vault
• Learning Center
• FamilySearch Centers and Partnering Libraries
• Finding More Information

Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 2

Using The FamilySearch Catalog
Ways to Search the Catalog

Family Search Catalog
• Basics
• Viewing Microfilm

FamilySearch Research Wiki
Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 3

Eastern European Collections Available from FamilySearch

Record Types
• Civil Registration
• Church Records
• Census Records

Summary by Country
• Albania
• Armenia
• Austria
• Belarus
• Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Czech Republic
• Estonia
• Georgia
• Hungary
• Kosovo
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Macedonia
• Moldova
• Poland
• Romania
• Russia
• Serbia
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Ukraine

Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 4

Navigating Archives in Eastern Europe

Where to Find Archival Records
• State Archives
• Church & Diocesan Archives
• University Collections & Other Repositories
• Military Archives

Online Portals
• Croatia
• Czech Republic
• GenTeam
• Porta Fontium
• State Archives of Poland
• Archiwum Głσwne Akt Dawnych w Warszawie
• Eastern European Archival Database
• Geneteka
• BaSia
• Poznan Project
• JRI Poland
• Databases Found Elsewhere

Tips / Words of Caution
• Search Tips

Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 5

How To Research in an Archive

General Travel Tips
• Visiting Ancestral Villages & Other Locations
• What to Bring with You
• Preparing for Archival Research
• Inventories, Guides, and Finding Aids
• Guidelines for Onsite Research
• Other Tips for Visiting an Archive

When to Hire a Professional
Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 6

Research By Correspondence
When to Write for Records
Before You Write
Contacting Eastern European Archives
General Hints for Successful Correspondence
What to Include in Your Letter

Manuscript Collections
• Sample Letters

Follow Up
Alternate or Next Steps


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