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Eastern European: Austrian-Hungarian, German & Russian Empires: Chronology
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In the Eastern European courses you have worked through, you have learned about researching this large geographic area as a whole—mainly, the similarities that virtually every researcher of Eastern European ancestors will encounter, as well as some of the distinct characteristics of individual countries or ethnic groups. In this course, you will start learning more about the contrasts that lead to differentiations within ethnic Eastern European research depending upon the time period and geographic place. Through studying the key dates and concepts critical to the Austrian, German, and Russian Empires, you will gain a better understanding of how these three Empires shaped Eastern Europe, and impacted the lives and decisions of your ancestors.

Course Content

Module 1

Eastern European History - Part 1

The Ottoman Empire
• Turkish Invasions & Occupations
• Battle of Mohacs

Early Holy Roman Empire

Protestant Reformation
• Dating the Reformation

Thirty Years’ War
• Edict of Restitution
• Outcomes of the Thirty Years’ War
• Thirty Years War Quick Summary

Later Power Shifts

Poland’s Three Partitions
• Prussian Partition (German Poland)
• Russian Partition
• Austrian Partition (Galicia)

Timeline - Polish History
Recommended Resources

Module 2

Eastern European History - Part 2

• Timeline - Napoleonic Wars
• Napoleonic Wars Important for Genealogy
• Council of Trent
• Congress of Vienna

War in Eastern Europe
• Timeline - Wars
• Second Siege of Vienna

Resettlement of Turkish-Occupied Hungary
Creation of Austria-Hungary / Compromise of 1867
World War I and Aftermath

World War II and the Aftermath
• Twentieth-Century Wartime Records

Recommended Resources

Module 3


• Timeline - Austrian Empire

The Magyars
Impact on Genealogy
Austrian Records

Hungarian Records
• Other Government Records

Recommended Resources

Module 4

The German Empire
German Microstates

Turmoil and Unification
• Timeline - German Empire

Prussia (Preussen)
• Research Guidance by Province
• Breakdown by Province

Recommended Resources

Module 5

The Russian Empire

Borders, Administrative/Political Divisions & Subdivisions
• Timeline - Russia

Jurisdictions for Record Keeping

Russia Genealogy Sources (Brief Overview)
• Metrical Books or Parish Registers
• Types of Parish Records
• Revision Lists & Family Lists
• Census, Conscription Lists & Lineage Books
• Historical Information for Understanding Genealogical Records

Accessing the Records
Recommended Resources

Module 6

Putting It All Together

Reviewing Genealogy Sources
• Clues to Town/Village of Origin
• Home Sources
• Church Records
• Cemetery Records/Tombstones
• Passenger Lists
• Naturalization Records
• Declaration of Intention
• Petition for Naturalization
• Certificate of Naturalization
• Naturalization Deposition
• Emigration Records
• Fraternal Organization Records
• Newspapers

Other Sources
• Published & Unpublished Compilations
• Town & County Histories

Sources for Town of Origin

Impact of Historical Events on Particular Records
• Calendars

Recommended Resources


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