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Eastern European: Understanding Migration Patterns
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This course provides an extensive overview of migration patterns of various ethnic groups from Central and Eastern Europe to the United States, Canada, South America, and other countries. The study of migration does not just involve one movement but recognizes that for a number of reasons, it is natural for peoples to move and settle from one place to another, be it a new country or a new community. For those researching ancestors who came from Central and Eastern Europe an understanding of the “push-pull factors” of emigration/immigration is critical to research success. This course will explore the history of migration of the various Central/Eastern European groups, and explain key concepts and definitions. In the study of migration, it is vital to remember that while we speak in general of peoples or ethnicities, each individual has a story, waiting to be explored. For in-depth study of countries or ethnic groups, students should take the appropriate elective courses.
Course Content

Module 1
Introduction, Terms & Concepts
• Statistics
• Migration Questions
Research Strategies for Tracking Ancestors’ Migrations
• Chain Migration
• Cluster & Collateral Research
• Collateral vs. Cluster Research: What’s the Difference?
• Other Types of Cluster Research
• Benefits of Collateral & Cluster Research
Hints & Tips
Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 2
Migration History to North America
Immigration Waves & Groups
• To the United States
• To Canada
Hints & Tips

Module 3
Migration History to Europe & Latin America
Migration Patterns
• United Kingdom
• European Countries
Latin America
Ethnic Groups
• Polish
• Hungarians
• Croatians
• Czechs & Slovaks
• Lithuanians
• Romanians
• Slovenians
• Ukrainians
Hints & Tips

Module 4
Migration Overview by Ethnic Group
Eastern European Groups
Understanding “Slavic” Immigration
• Austrians
• Czechs and Slovaks
• Carpatho-Rusyns (Ruthenians)
• Ukrainians
• Hungarians
• Romanians
• Croats
• Serbians
• Bulgarians
• Polish
• Russians
• Baltic Groups
• Jewish
Hints & Tips

Module 5
Migration Techniques & Records
Home & Family Sources
• Tips for Gathering Home Sources
Oral History Interviews
• Preparation
• During the Interview
• After the Interview
• Whom to Interview
• Recording What You’ve Found
• Sources You Will Need
Cluster Research Techniques
• How to Identify Clusters
• Join the FAN Club
Hints & Tips

Module 6
Research Strategies & Case Studies
• #1 Review Your Research
• #2 Place Your Ancestors in Historical Context
• #3 Study Cluster Communities
• #4 Seek Passenger List Substitutes
Case Studies
• Cluster Case Study: “Matvijas are Everywhere!”
• Three Slovak Women
• Chapter Six: Settling in a Steeltown

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