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Genealogy Society Creation & Management
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As the genealogy industry changes in the 21st century, so must the management techniques of genealogical societies so they can and will meet the changing needs of their members. In this course you’ll learn the basics of what is needed to create a genealogy society, its management, and how to implement projects and initiatives that not only engage but can help your society grow. Also addressed will be the legal ramifications of being a society leader, though this is largely a locally-governed issue.

Course Content

Module 1

Purpose and Types of Societies
Note about Web Addresses
Why do we have societies?
1) Inclusion
2) Affection
3) Control
Why are some drawn to create or join a society about GENEALOGY?
What makes genealogy, lineage, and historical societies different from one another?
What are the different types of genealogical societies?
Does our area need a society?
Timeline of a few genealogy and related societies
What should I expect next?

Module 2
Society Creation, Structure, and Governance
Introduction to Robert’s Rules of Order
So what are the first things to accomplish when establishing a new organization?
• Mission statement
• Bylaws
• Standing rules
• Policies and procedures
Who is who?
• President
• 1st Vice President and Program Chair
• 2nd Vice President and Membership Chair
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Corresponding/Communicating Secretary
• Newsletter Editor
• Publicity Chair
• Education Chair (of the Education Committee)
• Parliamentarian
• Webmaster/Blog Master
• Historian
Term lengths and limits
• Term length
• Term limits
• Other issues about terms
What types of committees does one find in a genealogy society?
• Standing committees
• Ways & Means
• Education
• Publicity
• Publications
• Greeting
• Hospitality
• Special committees
• Nominating
• Bylaws
• Conference
• Auditing
• Annual “party”
• Bereavement
What is a “Quorum”?
Additional Resources

Module 3
Leadership and Meetings
Types of meetings and tools for them
• Regular or general meetings
• Board meetings
• Special meetings or “Executive sessions”
The agenda and why it is necessary
How decisions are made
Procedural Model of Problem-Solving
How meetings can fail to meet the goals of the group
Additional Resources

Module 4
You Have A Club, Now What?
• Considerations
Money - Expenses
• Venue costs
• Printing costs
• Postage costs
• Equipment costs
• Speaker costs
• Advertising costs
• Miscellaneous costs
Source of the money and how it is managed
• Treasurer
• Banking institution
• Auditor/Auditing committee
• Money sources - Dues
• Other money sources - Fundraising
• Just a few recommendations for the financial issues
Additional Resources

Module 5
Your Allies: The Members, The Web, and The Community
• Recruiting
• Recognizing
• Retaining
Web presence
• The website
• The blog
• Regular email communiques/mailing lists
• Other social media
• Additional website listings
Your role in the community
• The library
• Projects and services
• The society newsletter or other publication
Final thoughts

Module 6
Membership, Promotion, and Getting People to Know You
• Requirements
• Information materials received upon joining
• Benefits
• Attracting new members (Promotion)
• Membership retention

Module 7
Education In Various Forms
Education options on a regular, on-going basis
• Standard general meeting
• Special Interest Groups
• Classes
Meeting the educational needs on an even larger scale: Conferences/Seminars & Webinars
• Webinars
Some final thoughts on the education of your society members

Module 8
Growth, Change, and Legal Issues
Society changes
• Documents, locations, meeting times, etc.
• Merging societies
• Dissolving societies
Member difficulties
• Removing an officer
• Disciplining or expelling an offending member
• Sued? The society?
Nonprofit status
Final thoughts
Appendix 1: Speaker Agreement
Appendix 2: Conference Planning

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