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DNA: Tracing Maternal & Paternal Lines
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PLEASE NOTE: There is a lot of interest in DNA and Forensic topics. Please read carefully before registering to take one of these courses. The DNA and Forensic courses offered by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies provide instruction on DNA methods as used in genealogical research. We recommend that students without the basic knowledge of genealogy methods and genealogical research should register in the Methodology - Part 1: Getting Started and Methodology Part 2 - Organizing and Skill-Building courses prior to registering for this course.

This course focuses on two types of DNA testing for genealogy: Y-Chromosome DNA (yDNA) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing. You will learn how to determine when you should take these tests, what they will tell you, and more importantly what they will not tell you. We will also discuss how to read and interrupt your testing results.

Course Content

Module 1
Review of Genetics
Review of Genetic Testing Results
Haplogroups in yDNA and mtDNA
Pre-Testing Research
Taking the Test
Ethics and Genetic Genealogy
Suggested Reading & Resources

Module 2
Family Health
Unknown Parentage
Deep Ancestry & Ethnicity
History of the yDNA Test
What the test will tell you
While You Wait
Suggested Reading & Resources

Module 3
Y-DNA Analysis, Haplogroups & Migration
Ordering A Test
Deciphering your results
What is an STR Number
How closely related are you?
Ancestral Paternal Heritage
Modal Haplotypes
Suggested Reading & Resources

Module 4
Mitochondrial DNA Explained
What are Mitochondria?
How is it inherited?
What can the test tell you?
Suggested Reading & Resources

Module 5
MT-DNA Analysis & Deep Ancestry Results
What exactly is tested?
Your Results
The unusual case of heteroplasmy

Module 6
Surname Projects
Finding a study
Examples of DNA Surname Projects
Creating a surname project or DNA study
Recruiting volunteers
Collating and analyzing data
Suggested Reading & Resources

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