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Research: FamilySearch Resources - In Person and Online
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FamilySearch is one of the important websites in the field of genealogical research. The FamilySearch, free, website is just one part of a larger network, provide by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch includes over 3 billion names globally, and provides digital images, online indexing, a library catalog, and online access to genealogy sources in a variety of forms. The services provided through the FamilySearch organization have proven time and time again to be invaluable to researchers of all experiences and levels of expertise. In this course we will review all aspects of using the FamilySearch website and how to use the website to find, learn, network, and share with other researchers.

Course Content

Module 1
Getting Started
Getting Started on FamilySearch
About the Website
• Granite Mountain Records Vault
Support and Help

Module 2
Search Functionality
Find What You Need: Search Functionality
• How it Works
• Historical Records
• Best Practices
• 1. Start Broad and Filter to the Answer
• 2. Including or Excluding Relationships
• 3. Life Events
• Wild Card Search
Getting to the Records
• What Now?

Module 3
Now What?
Indexed versus Non-Indexed Collections
Using the Online Viewer
Downloading Images
The Indexing Process

Module 4
The Research Wiki
Understanding the Research Wiki
• What is a “Wiki?”
Using the Wiki
Boolean Search
Wiki Tools
• Watchlist
• Talk Pages
• Categories
• Your User Page
Contributing to the Wiki
• Quality Control

Module 5
The Family Tree
Establishing Your Tree
• Life Sketch
• Vital Information
• Other Information
• Family Members
• Sources
• Discussions
• Notes
Extra Tools
• Print
• Research Help
• Latest Changes
• Tools
• Possible Duplicates
• Report Abuse
• Delete Person
Connecting With Other Researchers
Watch List
Training Resources

Module 6
Catalog and Books
Catalog Contents
Searching the Catalog
• Catalog Partners
• Ordering Microfilm to be Viewed at the Family History Library
Family History Books
Search and Advanced Search
• Family History Books Search
• Family History Books Advanced Search

Module 7
FamilySearch Learning Center
FamilySearch Blog

Module 8
Family History Centers
What is a Family History Center and a FamilySearch Library?
Using a Center
• What to Bring to the Center or Library
Services at the Center
• The Portal
• Use Microfilm
• Seminars and Presentations
• Expert Help
• Computers and Resources

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