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Research: U.S. World War II Ancestors-Part 2
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2014 marked the 70th Anniversary of World War IIís D-Day. In Research: U.S. World War II Ancestors-Part 1 we reviewed what led to the start of World War II, how the U.S. became involved, and the military records available. In Research: U.S. World War II Ancestors-Part 2 we begin with records from the Army, Army Air Corps, Marines and National Guard and explore military and other records that can assist you in conducting World War II era research. We will explore life on the home front and the role of women in World War II including their service in the military. A case study will help you get ideas for piecing the life of you World War II soldierís story together.

Course Content

Module 1
Army, Army Air Corps, Marines and National Guard
Note about Web Addresses
Army Records
Army Air Corps Records
• Army Air Forces Accident Reports
• Report of Accident
• Description of Accident and Witness Reports
• Photographs and Maps
• Damage to Property Certificate
• Summary of Report
• Missing Air Crew Reports
• National Archives and Records Administration Missing Air Crew Reports
• Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research
• Components of Missing Air Crew Reports
• Marine Corps Muster Rolls
• Marine Corps Ship Manifests
National Guard Records
Final Thoughts
Additional Information & Resources
• Abbreviations
• Books
• Websites

Module 2
Researching Women
What Women Were Doing at Home
• Organizing Entertainment
• Victory Gardens, Rationing, and Recycling
• War Bond Drives
Moving into the Work Force
• Teachers
• Womenís Land Army
Men March Off To War
• Love and Separation
• The Waiting
• The Widows
• Expectations Upon Return
File Clerk or Spy?
Sources for Womenís Research on the Home Front
Tips for Researching Women
Japanese American Women in the Military
Female Prisoners Of War
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
• Books
• Websites

Module 3
Women's Army Corps, Women Accepted For Volunteer Emergency Service, and Women Airforce Service Pilots
The Decision to Join the Fight
The Army - Womenís Army Corps
• WAAC/WAC Training
Army Air Corps - Women Air Force Service Pilots and Womenís Auxiliary Ferrying
• Squadron
• WASP Training
• WASP Jobs
The Navy - Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service
• History
• WAVES Recruiting
• Why did women join the WAVES?
• WAVES Training and Jobs
Records for Women
• Service Records
• National Archives and Records Administration Records
• Home Sources
• Histories
• Photographs and Posters
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
• Books
• Videos
• Websites

Module 4
Nurses, SPARS, and Marine Recruits
• Navy Nurses
• Navy Nurse Recruitment and Volunteering
• Navy Nurse Training
• Navy Nurse Deployment
• Army Nurse Corps
• Recruitment
• Life as an Army Nurse
• SPARS Recruitment and Training
• SPARS Service
• After Service
Marine Corps Womenís Reserve
• MCWR Recruitment and Training
• MCWR Service
• After the War
Problems for All Service Branches
Records for Women
Service Records
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
• Books
• Websites

Module 5
After The War
The Living Return From War
Women After the War
• Other Returning Considerations
The Dead and Missing
• The Dead
• Lists of Soldiers Dead
• Newspapers
• Repatriation and the American Battle Monuments Commission
• U.S. Veterans Affairs National and State Cemeteries
• The Missing
• How to Know if Someone was Recovered
• Records
G.I. Bill
Korean War, Vietnam & Military Records Access
Military Groups and Historical Associations
• Benefits of Military Groups and Historical Associations
• Websites
• Biographies
• Photos
• Newsletters and Journals
• Reunions
Military Museums, Historical Societies, and Other Military Resources
• Military Museums and Libraries
• Ethnic Museums
• College and University Libraries
Writing Your Soldierís Story
• Veterans History Project
• Getting Started
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
• Books
• Websites

Module 6
You Can Research Even When All The Records Burned!
Resources Used For Research
What I Knew
Research Process - How One Thing Led To Another
• Initial Contact
• Research Early 2013
• Next Steps
• The Bag of Stuff
• Old Photo Albums
Final Thoughts

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