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Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 2
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NOTE: This course requires compulsory materials to be ordered. Please click on the Supplies tab for details.

Finding your niches in the business of genealogy is something discovered over time. As new opportunities in the business present themselves, you will be faced with choices about which direction to take. Learn about additional niche opportunities in this course including Historian, Organizer, Social Media Marketer, Coach, and explore additional niches on your own based on what you have learned throughout the course. Use this knowledge to continue to grow your genealogy business.

Course Content

Module 1
• Note about Web Addresses
• Websites
• Required Reading
• Board for Certification of Genealogists Code of Ethics and Conduct
Introduction to Choosing a Niche
• Self-Analysis: Are you Ready to Add Income Streams?
Historian Career
• What Is A Historian?
• Who Needs This Service?
• Historian As A Teacher
• Historian As A Personal Historian
• Historian As A Writer
• Create Your Own Job
• What steps did Jane take to create this opportunity?
Professional Organizations
• Association of Personal Historians
• Association of Professional Genealogists
• Organization of American Historians
• American Historical Association
• The Historical Association
• Australian Historical Association
Additional Resources
• Books
• Websites

Module 2
Professional Organizer
• Websites
• Self-Analysis: Do you have what it takes to be a Professional Organizer?
• Introduction
• What is a Professional Organizer?
• Who needs this service?
• Organizing Computers & Digital Storage
• Organizing Photographs
• Organizing Ephemera & Artifacts
• Organizing a Family History Project
• First Time Researcher
• Assisting with a Project
Patience is a Virtue
Organizing a Research Trip
Visiting Local Repositories
Planning a Travel Research Trip
Professional Organizations & Education
• Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers
• Australasian Association of Professional Organisers
• The Board of Certification for Professional Organizers
• National Association of Professional Organizers
• Professional Organizer Training Academy
Additional Resources

Module 3
Social Media Marketer
• Websites
• Introduction
• Self-Analysis: How Social Media Savvy Are You?
• Show What You Know
• Who Needs This Service?
Social Media Platforms
• Blogging
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Google +
• Newsletters
• Other Ideas
Create The Paperwork
• Contracts and Letters of Agreement
• Setting Fees
• Plans & Social Media Policy
• Logons and Passwords
• Write Detailed Social Media Instructions
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources

Module 4
• Websites
• Introduction
• Self-Analysis: Do You Have the Skills to be a Coach?
• Skill Development
Who needs this service?
• New Genealogy Business People
• Experienced Genealogy Business People
• Individuals With Family History Projects
Coaching Online Versus In-Person
• Coaching In-Person
• Coaching Online
• Things To Consider
• Center for Coaching Certification
• International Coach Federation
• Professional Organizations
• International Association of Coaching
Final Thoughts

Module 5
Additional Income Options
• Introduction
Option 1: Book Dealer
• Self-Analysis
• Things To Consider
• Do you have money to purchase inventory?
• Education
• Online sales, in-person sales, or both?
• Income and Expenses
• Networking
• Final Thoughts on Book Dealers
Option 2: Lecturer
• Self-Analysis
• Tips On Lecturing
• Speak on topics that interest you
• Make handouts clear and concise
• Plan to finish with time to practice
• Final Thoughts on Lecturing
Option 3: Photograph Expert and Photographer
• Self-Analysis
• Things to Consider
• Education
• Income and Expenses
• Promoting the Business
• Lecturing
• Software
Final Thoughts
Additional Resources
• Books
• Website

Module 6
Assessing All The Options
• Introduction
• Step 1: Examine All Your Goals
• Step 2: Break Down the Goals
• Step 3: Break Down Further
Creating New Opportunities for Income
• What are you doing? How does it flow into something new?
Highlights of One Researcherís Path
Final Thoughts

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