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Business Skills: Business Administration
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Once you have set up your small business, it is not enough to simply sit back, wait for clients to come to you, and provide your services. In order to keep the business viable and successful, you must focus ongoing attention on its overall operation and growth.

This course will identify the various elements involved in keeping a business strong, and will educate you on how to accomplish these. Examples will be drawn from the businesses of providing genealogy and personal history services. Assignments and Exercises will offer practical application of the material and opportunities to explore different methods and tools available to the small business owner.

It is recommended that the student complete the course, Business Skills: Creating a Genealogy Business first or have at least written a business plan and started a business before embarking on this course.

Course Content

Module 1
Strategic Planning
Note about Web Addresses
Review of Business Plan
Strategic Planning Process
Example of Strategic Plan Objective and Goals
Review of Mission and Vision Statements
Exercise - Examples
Key Advisors/Advisory Board
Pro Bono Services
Celebrating Achievements and Milestones
Growing Your Business
Home Office Considerations
Plans for Exiting Your Business
Legal Considerations
SWOT Analysis
Additional Resources
Online Magazines
Glossary/Definition of Terms

Module 2
Financial Matters
Financial Management
• Accounting/Bookkeeping/Budgeting
• Profit/Loss and Other Measurements
• Cash Flow
• Analyzing Profitability
• Break-Even Analysis
• Tax Reporting and Estimates
• Banking
• Credit and Collections
• Lease vs. Buy Decisions
• Hire vs. Subcontract Decisions
• Insurance
Project Management/Timekeeping
• Method & Timetable

Module 3
Marketing and Sales
Sales Management
• Record-Keeping
Prospect Management
• Prospective Client Information Form
Evaluating the Sales Process
Marketing Management
• Re-evaluating the Plan
• Marketing Examples
• Power Marketing Analysis

Module 4
Client Management
Client Contact/Correspondence/Email
Contracts/Service Agreements/Letters of Understanding
• Handling Changes to Project Scope
• Handling a Difficult Discussion
Feedback & Evaluations from Clients/Testimonials
Suggesting Additional Services

Module 5
Resource Management
Professional Image
Professional Connections/Associations
Collaborations with Other Professionals
Subcontracting with Service Providers
• Providing Subcontracting Services to Other Businesses
Education and Training
Time Management
Space Management
• Backup Plan and Data Security
• Emergency Plan
• Photo/Document Protection Plan
• File Destruction Plan
• Advantages and Disadvantages of Paper vs. Digital Files
Human Resources
Vendor Management
Equipment and Software
Additional Resources
• Books
• Websites

Module 6
Policies and Procedures
Reasons for Policies and Procedures
• Getting Started on Policies
• Getting Started on Procedures
• Reviewing/Revising
Special Considerations of Client Resolution Policy for Complaints
Establishing a Reporting Procedure

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