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Business Skills: Marketing Your Services & Products
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Marketing is the way to get the word out about your business, so that potential clients or customers will find you. As with most professionals, you may prefer to spend your time and energy doing what you do best—whether that is writing books of families’ histories, making video-biographies, or capturing oral histories for a business history—but in order to find clients, you must give adequate attention to marketing. In this course, we will present the basic methods and topics in marketing, geared toward a small business owner like a personal historian or professional genealogist.

It is recommended that you have taken the course, Business Skills: Creating a Business, or at least have written a business plan and started a business.

Course Content

Module 1
• Note about Web Addresses
• Suggested Prerequisite/Companion Courses
• Short Explanation of Course Value
• Course Overview
• Marketing Glossary
Approaches to Marketing
• Websites
• What is Marketing?
Various Approaches
• Production & Product Concept
• Heavy Selling & Promotion Approach
• Guerilla Marketing
• Holistic Marketing Approach
• Bottom-Up Approach
• Attracting Ideal Clients
• Duct Tape Marketing
• Optional Reading
Let’s Talk About Selling
Let’s Talk About Competition
• Identify
• Research
• Applying What You Learn
Additional Resources
• Websites
• Blogs

Module 2
Target Practice
What Is a Target Market?
Identify Your Targets
• Income
• Age
• Education & Lifestyles
• Ethnicity
How to Get In Front of Ideal Clients
• Identify
• Market Research
• Apply What You Learned
Your Community

Module 3
Managing Your Clients
Your “Targets” Are People
Putting Your Clients First
Create a Database
• Compile Your Own
• Purchasing a List
• The Nitty-Gritty of Database Management
Ask for Referrals

Module 4
Basic Training: Preparing for Marketing
Image & Branding
Basic Materials
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Letterhead/Stationery
• Samples
• Elevator Pitch
• Brief Written Description
• Website
• Optional Reading

Module 5
Many Ways To Market
Marketing Methods
• Person-to-Person
• Word of Mouth
• Networking
• Social Media
• Website
• Cold-Calling & Telemarketing
• Public Speaking
• Optional Reading
• Optional Reading
• Workshops & Educational Programs
• Referrals
• Fairs & Events
• Public Relations/Publicity
• Direct Mail Campaigns
• Email Campaigns
• Professional Associations/Trade Organizations
• Outside Your Field
• Within Your Field
• Fine Points

Module 6
Mixing It Up
Marketing Mix: The 4 P’s
• Product
• Promotion
• Place
• Price
• Marketing Strategy
• Marketing Plan
• More About Goal Setting
• Books
• Websites

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