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Lecturing Skills Including Preparation
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NOTE: This course requires the student to provide a 30-minute presentation online. Also, being a "hands on" course, the assignments are due in a timely fashion which will allow us to advertise your presentation.

This course focuses on the skills needed to present genealogical-related lectures to a variety of audiences. It is a “hands on” course where the student will develop all aspects of the lecturing process including the proposal and biographical sketch; marketing; syllabus material; creating lecture slides; and much more.

In order to complete this course, the student must develop and give a 30-minute lecture to an audience of students and/or genealogical society members virtually via the National Institute for Genealogical Studies’ Virtual Learning Room.

Course Content

Module 1
  • Note about Web Addresses
  • Websites
  • Resources
  • Note about Terminology
  • Note about Practice Exercises
  • Note about your Final 30-Minute Lecture

    Introduction to Genealogical Speaking/Lecturing

    Why Be a Genealogy Speaker?
  • It Ain’t All Glamour!

    Take Inventory and Document Your Reputation
    Create a Biography
    Create a Genealogy Resume
    Update, Update, Update

    Practical Exercises
  • Exercise: Positive/Negative Aspects of Speaking
  • Exercise: Biography
  • Exercise: Lecture Topic

    Module 2
    Building Your Presentation
    Creating a Lecture Description
    Creating a Syllabus or Handout
    Creating Lecture Slides
    Slide Presentation Software
    Tips for Effective Lecture Slides

    Virtual Lectures
  • How Virtual Lectures Work

    Required Equipment
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Presentations

    Practical Exercises
  • Exercise: Lecture Description Template
  • Exercise: Lecture Description
  • Exercise: Syllabus/Handout Template
  • Exercise: Syllabus/Handout
  • Exercise: Lecture Slide Template
  • Exercise: Lecture Slides
  • Exercise: Attend a Virtual Lecture

    Module 3
    Building Speaking Skills
    Practice, Practice and More Practice
    Join a Speaking Organization
    It’s Show Time! Practical Tips for Genealogy Presenters
    The Q&A Conundrum
    The Post Mortem

    Dealing with Disaster
  • It Won’t Happen To Me
  • Be Prepared

    Practical Exercises
  • Exercise: Syllabus/Handout (continued)
  • Exercise: Lecture Slides (continued)
  • Exercise: Lecture Speech

    Module 4
    Building Your Business
    Note about your Final 30-Minute Lecture

    Setting Your Rate
  • Fee or Free?
  • Cover Your Expenses

    Start Local

    Answering a Call for Papers
  • Call for Papers Listings

    Preparing Your Response
    Speaking Contract
    What a Speaking Contract Should Cover
    Other Legalese

    Marketing Your Business
  • Blog/Website
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

    A Final Word on Social Media
    Email Signature
    Newsletter Articles
    The Presentation

    Practical Exercises
  • Exercise: Lecture Speech (continued)
  • Exercise: Lecturing Fees
  • Exercise: List of Local Venues
  • Exercise: Speaker Contract
  • Exercise: Email Signature

    Module 5
    Actions & Timeline For Lecturing
    Course of Action
    Timeline and Outcome

    Practical Exercises
  • Exercise: Lecture Speech (continued)
  • Exercise: Action Plan & Timeline

    Module 6
    Final 30-Minute Lecture
    Guidelines & Instructions
    Lecture Date/Time

    Lecture Components
  • Speaker Biography
  • Lecture Title and Lecture Description
  • Syllabus/Handout Materials
  • Lecture Slides

    Uploading Instructions
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Uploading Your Assignment

    Final Grading Process
    Lecture Procedure
    Final Course Grade
    Final Comments


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