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Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting
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This Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting course has been designed to promote the quality of work that every family historian and genealogist should strive to achieve. Do not limit your level of excellence by assuming that this program is not relevant to your specific projects.

You will already have studied the instructional materials required in your Basic Level Methodology courses. Enriching your skills, this course will allow you to implement the knowledge and training you will receive through the course reading materials, practical exercises and assignments to practice and improve your transcribing, abstracting and extracting capabilities. It is advised that you complete the Methodology - Part 1: Getting Started and Methodology - Part 2: Organizing and Skillbuilding courses before beginning this one.

This course will teach students the transcribing, abstracting and extracting skills to enhance their genealogy research. Practicing these skills will form a large part of the course work. Examples will be provided for your reference in order to give you a model on which to base your developing skills. As well, citations have been included with the examples and are provided for reference purposes.

Please note: Our students are studying different courses or countries, many examples of documents from around the world are used to give as much experience of the differing formats and types of documents.

Course Content

Module 1
• Websites
• Suggested Reading
• Introduction
• What is a Transcription?
• What to Transcribe
• General Rules for Transcriptions
• Citation and Other Documentation
• Method of Transcribing a Document
• Example - Document
• Method of Transcribing Directly from the Original Document
• Certificates
• Censuses and Other ‘Lists’
• Passenger Lists
• Headstones
• Interviews
• Example - Transcription
Practical Exercises

Module 2
Word Processing Features
• Auto Correction
• Spell Check
• Automatic Capitalization
• Superscript and Subscript
• Small Capitals
• Lines Over Letters
• Tables
• Indentations & Margins
• Large Bracket
Practical Exercises

Module 3
• Websites
• What is an Abstraction?
• When to Abstract a Document?
• General Rules for Abstracting
• Method of Abstracting from a Transcribed Document
• Method of Abstracting Directly from a Document
• Example of Abstracting a Document
Practical Exercises

Module 4
Practical Exercises

Module 5
• Websites
• What is an Extraction?
• Census
• Church Registers
• General Rules for Extracting
• What is a Quotation?
• General Rules for Quoting
Practical Exercises

Module 6
Practical Exercises
• Forms

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