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Creating Genealogy Programs for Adults & the Younger Generation
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Engaging adults in genealogy has typically been a task for genealogical societies rather than libraries. Today however, many libraries are creating adult genealogy groups and programs. Attendance for these programs is easier to obtain than perhaps a youth program in genealogy. But, these libraries are also looking for ways to engage the youth in genealogy. The problem lies in how to capture their interest and create a program that will convey the basics of research in a way that is both meaningful and engaging.

This course provides an example of creating an adult genealogy program first, as a way to lay the foundation for a youth program. It follows with examples of youth programs for those in grades one through twelve. The examples are laid out into one hour, one and a half-hour, half-day, and full-day workshops and cover the basics of research while also incorporating social and local history. The final result is a rich and useful youth genealogy program. Requirements and suggestions on assisting youth who are earning Scout-type badges follows and finally, you will take the youth workshop beyond the classroom. You will learn ways to continue your own education, create and provide additional resources for your library, and connect with others.

NOTE: Although this course written with the librarian in mind, it is also suitable for the society organizer, archivist, professional genealogist, or teacher.

One student’s experience:
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Course Content

Module 1
• Note about Web Addresses
• Websites
• Optional Reading
Getting Started
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Why Teach Adults Genealogy?
Why Teach Youth Genealogy?
Determine Which Youth Program Format Is Best
Identify Resources Available at Your Library for Attendees
• Possible Library Resources
Attract Teachers to Your Programs
• Offer Continuing Education Credits
• Fill a Curriculum Need
• Example Evaluation Form
Additional Resources

Module 2
Building An Adult Genealogy Group
• Websites
Creating the Adult Genealogy Program
• Scheduling the Program
• Building Program Membership
• Program Speakers and Topics
Day-Long Conference Events
• Steps to Creating a Conference
Creating the Adult Genealogy Program Budget
Alternatives to a Monthly Program
Additional Resources

Module 3
Creating Workshops
• Websites
• Optional Reading
Genealogy Youth Goals
Workshop Creation Tips
Workshop Preparation
One-Hour or One and a Half-Hour Workshops
Suggestions on Adapting this Workshop to Younger Students
• 1st-3rd Grade Students
• 4th-8th Grade Students
• Final Thoughts
Half-Day Workshops
• Half-Day Workshop Considerations
• Adapting this Workshop for 4th-8th Graders
• Final Thoughts
Suggested Workshop Projects for all Workshop Lengths
Additional Resources

Module 4
Creating Full-Day Workshops
• Websites
• Optional Reading
• Tips on Creating Full-Day Workshops
• Workshop Preparation
Full-Day Workshops
Suggested Projects
Additional Resources

Module 5
Creating Programs for Merit Badges and Emblems
• Websites
• Optional Reading
Organizational Youth Programs and Genealogy
• 4-H Program
• American Heritage Girls
• Ancestor Detective Badge
• Ancestor Detective Badge Requirements
• Boy Scouts Genealogy Merit Badge
• Boy Scouts Badge Requirements
• Camp Fire Torch Bearer Special Interest Badge
• Overview
• Girl Scouts
• Other Scout-like Organizations
Additional Resources

Module 6
Moving Beyond The Youth Group
• Websites
• Optional Reading
Moving Beyond the Workshop
1. Your Online Presence
• Library Website
• What is Social Media?
• Followers, Friends, and Subscribers
• Privacy
• Social Media Platforms
• Twitter
• FaceBook
• Blogs
• Benefits of an Online Presence and the Use of Social Media
2. Create Pathfinders
• Types of Pathfinders
• Examples
• Placement of the Pathfinders
3. Genealogy Society Involvement
4. Continuing Education
• Wikis
Additional Resources

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