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Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist
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Genealogy has come a long way from the days when networking meant writing a letter and waiting for a reply. With the advent of social networking and social media tools you can network with researchers worldwide, find distant relations, curate content, and share your research. This course will provide you with just some of the tools to help you take advantage of Web 2.0.

Most people automatically associate social networks with websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even The National Institute’s own GenealogyWise. We will explore these websites and others that help you share your family tree, family stories, and even your personal library. The course demonstrates that the concept of social media is all about sharing, education, mobility and yes, networking. Each module concludes with recommended resources that provide the student with additional learning tools to get the most out of their social media experience.

Course Content

Module 1
Introduction to Social Media
Introductions to Social Networking
• Keeping Up With Social Media
• Privacy Concerns
• Additional Things to Consider
• Privacy and Account Settings
• “Friends”
• Using Facebook
• Uploading Photos
• Genealogy Pages
Additional Reading

Module 2
Genealogical Education: Social Media Style
Introduction to Education on Social Media
• Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, & Library Chat Features
Virtual Meetings
Digitized Books
• Finding Digitized Books Online
Second Life
• Creating a New Account at Second Life
Recommended Resources

Module 3
Blogging and Microblogging
Why Blog?
• Setting Up a Blog
• Maintaining a Blog
• Finding Blogs
Why Microblog?
Using Twitter
• Getting the Word Out
• Who Should You Follow
• Twitter Tools
Recommended Resources

Module 4
Collaborative Editing and Document Sharing
What is Collaborative Editing and Document Sharing?
• Utilizing Collaborative Editing for Your Genealogy
Using Google Docs
Google Drive
Places to Share

Module 5
Videos and Images
Using Images in Your Genealogy
Finding Images
Posting Your Images - Flickr, Photobucket, etc.
Curating Images on Pinterest
• Getting Started
• Ideas
• Pin in Secret
• Share Your Family History Research
• Learn More About Pinterest
Genealogy Videos - GenealogyWise, Google Videos
• Uploading
• Deleting
• Uploading to YouTube
• Playlists
Searching the Internet for a Video
Recommended Resources

Module 6
Sharing Books
Why Should You Share Your Library?
Recommended Resources

Module 7
Your Family History on the Internet
Why Share Your Family History
Tree Projects
• Ancestry
• My Heritage
• Geni
• WikiTree
• FamilySearch
Social Network Websites for Genealogists
• GenealogyWise
• Becoming a Member
• Content Posted on GenealogyWise
• Unacceptable Content on GenealogyWise
• My Page
• Settings
• Adding Photos - Uploading
• Groups
• Joining a Group
• Creating a Group
• Videos
• Chats
• Chat Room
• Problems/Suggestions - Internet Browser

Message Boards

• Google Sites
What Will You Use?

Module 8
Cloud Computing
What is Cloud Computing and Why Should You Use It?
Benefits of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Websites
• Communications
Online Storage and Backup
Computing In and Away From Home
• Photos
• Bookmarks and Tools
Mobile Apps
Recommended Resources

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