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Connecting Family: Online and Virtually
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Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the way families communicate. This course will highlight a few specific ways to use your computer and the Internet to build and strengthen family ties. Topics will include using multimedia techniques to preserve and share family photographs, building an online family tree, creating virtual family history tours/videos, creating online family newsletters, digitizing scrapbooks, publishing an online family history and creating and maintaining family websites, using communication tools such as Skype, and using social media (blogs, Facebook, and Twitter) to find long lost cousins, and stay in touch with relatives.

Course Content

Module 1

Get Connected
Essential Hardware, Software and Peripherals
• Other Peripherals and Software
• Web Browsers
The “Cloud”
• Advantages and Disadvantages to “Cloud Computing”
• Online Storage and Backup
• Backups and Other Precautions

Internet Safety
Privacy and Copyright
Glossary of Terms
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 2
Connecting The Living
Leaving Virtual Bread Crumbs
Social Media
• Blogs
• Facebook
• GenealogyWise
• Twitter
• Twitter Terminology
• Pinterest
• Google Alerts
Other Ways to Locate the Living
• Skype
• Second Life
• Second Life Lingo (Terminology)
DNA Testing
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 3
Connecting The Dead
Cemetery Websites
• BillionGraves
• Find A Grave
• Names in Stone
• AncientFaces
• DeadFred
• HistoryPin
• WhatWasThere
Funeral Cards and Obituaries
Locality-Based Research Websites
• Google Earth
• History
• OurTimeLines
• Preceden
• TimeGlider
• TimeToast
Memorial Pages
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 4
Creative Ways To Share Your Memories
Sharing Memories
• Family History Presentations, Slideshows, and Videos
• Interactive Family History Tour
• Online Scrapbooks and Document Preservation
Electronic Publishing
• Family Newsletters
• Family History eBooks: Self-Publishing Options
• Family Website
Keeping Track of Your Online Activities
• Social Bookmarking
• Note Taking
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 5
Putting It All Together - Exercises
• Exercise 1: Google Alerts
• Exercise 2: Fold 3 Memorial Pages

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