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Italian: Civil Registration Records-Part 2
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NOTE: This course requires compulsory materials to be ordered. Please click on the Supplies tab for details.

Civil registration is one of the largest and most important record sets in Italian genealogical research. It is certainly the most accessible, due to the efforts of FamilySearch (and now the main Italian archive) to microfilm and digitize these records. However, civil registration is more than just birth, death, and marriage records. In this course, we will delve into some of the more unusual civil records. We’ll not only learn what they are but also how to use these records. These records can be used to “flesh out” the history of your ancestors, providing unique details that may help you understand the ancestors in their social and political context.

We’ll also delve more deeply into the Italian resources available through FamilySearch,, and Portale Antenati, the Italian government’s website. Collections available at Italian Archivi di Stato will be explored. Students will learn what types of documents these archives contain and how best to access them.

Course Content

Module 1
Atti Diversi [DIVERSE ACTS]
Note about Web Addresses
What are the Atti Diversi?
Atti Diversi: Late 19th Century Records

Module 2
Registri di Popolazioni [Population Registers], Scheda [Schedule] & Foglio di Famiglia [Family Sheet]
Registri di Popolazioni [Population Registers]
Scheda [Schedule]
Foglio di Famiglia [Family Sheet]
Stato di Famiglia Storico [Historical State of the Family Certificate]
Certificato di Residenza [Certificate of Residency]

Module 3
Cittadinanza [Citizenship Records]
About Cittadinanza
Registri dell’Emigrazione e Passaporti [Emigration Registers and Passports]
• Internal Travel Papers

Module 4 & FamilySearch

Module 5
Portale Antenati & Archivi di Stato
Antenati [Ancestors] or Portale Antenati
• Navigating the Portale Antenati Website
• First Record Set
• Second Record Set
• Third Record Set
Archivi di Stato [Provincial/State Archives]
Final Summary

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