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Google for the Wise Genealogist
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Everyone knows that Google is a powerful search engine, but for genealogists Google provides so much more. This course will explore Google programs and how they can be used to research family history. You will be introduced to a variety of Google products, how to navigate those products and specifically how to use them to further your genealogical research. Google provides free software, digitized books and articles, mapping, access to newspapers, translation tools and more. Learn how to use Google for finding information, creating and sharing documents, groups, websites and blogs as well as using it to map your ancestors. Learn about popular Google products like Google search, Google Maps and Google Books as well as the not so well known products like Google Bookmarks, Google Alerts, Google Scholar, Google Groups and Google Sites. Google is the best non-genealogy, genealogy website there is!

Course Content

Module 1
Google Products

Getting Started with Google
  • What is Google?
  • Google Account
  • Google Alerts
  • Gmail
  • Google Toolbar
  • Google Keep

    Module 2
    Getting the Most Out of the Google the Search Engine
    What Will a Search on Google Find?
    Structuring Your Search

    Searching on Google
  • Any Time

    Search Techniques
  • Google Advanced Search

    Continuing Your Search
    Additional Resources

    Module 3
    Map Your Ancestors!

    Using Google Maps to Find Your Ancestorís Home
  • Ways to View a Google Map
  • Images on Google Maps
  • Your Places Features
  • Examples for Using Your Places

    Google Maps on the Go

    Google Earth
  • Using Google Earth

    Module 4
    Google Books The Best Non-Genealogy, Genealogy Website

    Introduction to Google Books
  • What Types of Books Will You Find?
  • Preview Options
  • How to Find Books Not Digitized by Google Books
  • Searching on Google Books

    My Library
  • Using My Library

    Additional Resources

    Module 5
    Collaborate with Google Drive

    Introduction to Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides
  • Using Google Docs for Word Processing
  • Using Google Docs for Research
  • Using Google Sheets for Spreadsheets
  • Using Google Slides for Presentations
  • Collaborating with Others

    Google Drive

    Module 6
    Blog Your Family History

    Blogs and Blogging
  • Creating Your Blog
  • Maintaining a Blog
  • Ways to Use a Blog for Genealogy
  • Features of Blogger
  • Next Steps for Your Blog
  • Finding Blogs
  • Letís Hangout!

    Module 7
    Other Google Products
    Google News

    Google Scholar
  • Using Google Scholar for Genealogy

    Google Patents
  • Searching on Google Patent Search

    Parlez-vous FranÁais? You Can with Google Translate
  • Introduction to Google Translate
  • Languages Supported
  • Translate
  • The Google Translate Website

    Module 8
    Even More Google Products
    Google Groups

  • Uploading to YouTube
  • Playlists

    Google Sites
    Googles Blogs
    Additional Resources


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