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Australian: Births, Deaths & Marriages
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This course will concentrate on the birth, death, and marriage information gathered by the various churches as parish records, as well as the civil records gathered by colonial, state, and territory governments.

An understanding of the historical context is included to explain which authority collected the information and how the records varied over time. Births, deaths, and marriages records from various periods and jurisdictions will be examined to determine how much information is actually available and helpful for the genealogist, as well as how and where the records may be found.

The course also looks at why the information in such records may not always be accurate, as well as what to do when records are not available in the expected place.

Course Content

Module 1
Historical Background to Settlement
• Map of Australia
• Map of Australia with Settlement Dates
Parish Records
Civil Registration
• How to Proceed?
• What Information is on a Certificate?
• Is the Information Reliable?
• Searching Tips
Australasia BDM Exchange
Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
Finally ...
New South Wales Records
Transcription Agents Registered in NSW
Information on New South Wales Certificates
Population in New South Wales
History of Recording BDMs in New South Wales
• Parish Codes
• Civil Registration
• Indexes
• Church & Parish Registers Joint Copy Project
• Marine Births, Deaths and Marriages
NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
• Practical Exercise
• Techniques for Saving Money Obtaining NSW BDMs
• Births & Baptisms
• Marriages
• Deaths & Burials
• When You Don’t Find the Entry You are Looking For
Other Indexes of New South Wales BDM
• FamilySearch - Australian Vital Records CDs
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
• Society of Australian Genealogists
• Mutch Index
NSW State Records
• Baptisms
• Deaths and Burials
• Marriages

Module 2
Queensland Records
Information on Queensland Certificates
Population in Queensland
History of Recording BDM in Queensland
• Map of Australia, 1840
• Births
• Marriages
• Deaths
Other Indexes of Queensland BDM
• Macbeth ‘Digger’ CD-ROMs
• Indexes for Queensland BDM
• Queensland State Archives
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

Module 3
South Australia Records
Information on South Australian Certificates
Population in South Australia
History of Recording BDM in South Australia
South Australian Registry of BDM
• Birth
• Marriages
• Deaths
Other Indexes of South Australian BDM
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
• State Records of South Australia

Module 4
Tasmania Records
Information on Tasmanian Certificates
Population in Van Diemen’s Land / Tasmania
History of Recording BDM in Tasmania
Tasmanian Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
• Births
• Marriages
• Deaths
Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database
Other Indexes of Tasmanian BDM
• Microfiche
• Macbeth (Digger) CD-ROM Indexes
• FamilySearch
• FamilySearch Centers
• Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Hobart Archives
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

Module 5
Victorian Records
Information on Victorian Certificates
Population in Victoria
Background History of Victoria
Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
• Births
• Marriages
• Deaths
Other Indexes of Victorian BDM
• Digger CD-ROMs
• FamilySearch
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
• Public Record Office Victoria
• Roman Catholic Records
• Genealogical Society of Victoria

Module 6
Western Australian Records
Information on Western Australian Certificates
Population in Western Australia
Background History of Western Australia
Western Australian Registry of BDM
• Searching Online Historical Indexes
• Births
• Marriages
• Deaths
“Reverse” Western Australian Marriage Lookup
Other Indexes of Western Australia
• FamilySearch
• Uniting Church Baptisms CD-ROM
• State Records Office of Western Australia
• J. S. Battye Library of West Australian History
• Western Australian Genealogical Society
• Australasia Births, Deaths & Marriages Exchange
Territory Records & Other BDM Possibilities
Northern Territory
• Information on Northern Territory Certificates
• Population in Northern Territory
• Northern Territory History
• Northern Territory Records
Australian Capital Territory
• Information on Australian Capital Territory Certificates
• Population in Australian Capital Territory
• Australian Capital Territory History
• Australian Capital Territory Records
Where Else?
Appendix A - Recommended Books
Appendix B - South Australian District Registers

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