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Canadian: Migration Patterns
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This course provides an extensive overview of migration in Canada. Canada is a diverse nation, made up of many peoples, all of whom came from somewhere. The study of migration does not just involve one movement but recognizes that for a number of reasons, it is natural for peoples to move and settle from one place to another, be it a new country or a new community.

The history is explored, concepts explained, definitions offered. In the study of migration, it is vital it remember that while we speak in general of peoples, each individual has a story, waiting to be explored.

Course Content

Module 1

Introduction: Terms & Concepts
Statistics Table Series A339-349
• Chain Migration
• Sojourners
• Ethnicity
• Charter Ethnic Groups
• Block Settlement
• Padrones
• Population of Canada by Province

Module 2

Migration History: Part I

Module 3
Migration History: Part II
Table Series A350

Module 4
Migration: Ethnicity & Religion
• The Americans
• The British
• Blacks
• The Germans
• The Ukrainians
• Polish Immigrants
• Asian Immigrants
• Italian Immigration
• Jewish Immigration
• The Hungarians
• The Hutterites, Mennonites & Amish
• Statistical Table A125-163

Module 5
Migration Techniques & Records
• Histories of Migration
• Church Records
• Ship Lists
• The Census
• City Directories
• Maps
• The National Archives of Canada
• Passenger Lists Prior to 1865
• Passenger Lists
• Border Entry Records
• Post-1935 Immigration Records
• Immigrants from China
• Home Children
Provincial Archives
• Newfoundland
• Prince Edward Island
• New Brunswick
• Nova Scotia
• Quebec
• Ontario
• Manitoba
• Saskatchewan
• Alberta
• British Columbia
• Yukon
• North West Territories
• Nunavut
• Canadian Institute for Historical Micro reproductions

Module 6
The Smith Story, 1633-2002: A Fictional Account

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