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Research: Eastern European Ancestors-Not Scheduled
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NOTE: The initial course start date is not set yet. Please check back periodically.

There are a handful of "cluster" Eastern European communities throughout the United States that blossomed during the immigration influx of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This class will continue on from the basic research class, focusing on how to expand your research beyond your own family into a more community-oriented protocol, how to network with fellow researchers through groups and societies, to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with others researching ancestors from the same village/area, as well as how building a core group of individuals who can consolidate research projects, organize gatherings/reunions, share information, develop a Web site, and more!

Four ''Live Online Meetings'' will be offered during this class.

This class does not qualify as a Certificate course in the Certificate in Genealogical Studies program. It will not have assignments to submit or an exam to complete.

Although this class is indicated as a 6 week class, you will have access to the instructor only during the first four weeks. The materials will be available to you for an additional two weeks.


Lesson 1: Identifying Cluster Communities in the United States
A. How to Locate "Cluster" Communities (Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovak, etc.)
B. U.S. Maps
C. U.S. Census Records
D. Immigration Data (Ellis Island database; Steve Morse''s tools; traditional microfilm research)
E. Local Newspapers
F. Analyzing, Interpreting and Organizing Your Data
G. Preserving Eastern European Heritage in the 21st Century through traditions, food/recipes and religious/social customs

Lesson 2: Other In-depth U.S. Records Research
A. Church Records
B. Military Records
C. LDS Family History Catalog
D. U.S. Passport Applications
E. Fraternal Societies and Other Organizations
F. Historical Societies, Libraries, Museums and Universities
G. Other/Miscellaneous Records

Lesson 3: Utilizing National Groups/Societies
A. National Organizations - General
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
Society for Czech and Slovak Arts & Sciences
B. Ethno-specific
C. Finding a Local Chapter
D. Eastern European Conferences

Lesson 4: Oh, Canada! Checking Across the Border
A. What if Your Ancestor Settled in Canada?
B. Vital Records
C. Census Records
D. Immigration and Naturalization Records
E. Land and Property
F. Probate and Other Court Documents
G. Military Records
H. Other

Lesson 5: Online Resources: Searching Smarter
A. Family Search
C. Cyndiʼs List
D. Ellis Island Database
E. Steven Morseʼs Web Site
G. FEEFHS Web Site
H. LinktoYourRoots
J. RootsWeb
L. Google
M. GenSmarts
N. Linkpendium
P. Genealogy Bank

Lesson 6: Finding Eastern European Cousins
A. Building on Lesson 1
B. Networking Protocols
Web and Directory Searches
Newspaper/Journal/Magazine and Other Publication Advertisements
C. Message Boards
D. Classes
E. Planning a Trip to the Ancestral Homeland

Lesson 7: Village-Based Associations
A. Should You Form One?
B. Who''s in Charge?
C. Funding issues
D. Identifying a Core Group of Individuals
E. Consolidating Research Projects
F. Fundraising and Other Projects
G. Sharing the Work
H. Recruiting "New Blood"
I. Keeping the Momentum Going
J. Expanding the Circle to the Ancestral Village
K. Making Contact with Relatives and Others in Homeland
L. Planning a Gathering or Reunion

Lesson 8: Publishing and Sharing Your Information with Others
A. Options for Publishing and Sharing Information
Traditional Print Forms (newsletters, booklets, etc.)
Electronic Publishing (e-books, electronic newsletters, CDs/DVDs)
B. E-mail Lists
C. Web Sites
Public Web Site
Private Web Site (
D. Revising and Updating Information
G. Miscellaneous Resources

Course Content

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