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Italian: Catholic Church Records-Part 2
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Church or ecclesiastical records are one of the largest and most important record sets in Italian genealogical research. These records are becoming more available outside of Italy, due to the efforts of FamilySearch to film and digitize these records as well as a few other smaller projects. However, most of these records remain in Italian archives.

In this course we will examine in detail the various forms of marriages records that were created and what genealogical information you may find in each.

Stato delle anime or State of the Souls records will also be covered and we’ll learn what a valuable resource these records can be, especially the further back in time you go.

Course Content

Module 1
State of the Souls Records
Introduction to State of the Souls Records
Where Can These Records Be Found?
State of the Souls Records in Genealogy
• Common Challenges
Working with the Documents
Recommended Reading & Resources

Module 2
Catholic Marriage Records & Marriage Banns
Marriage in the Roman Catholic Church
Marriage Banns

Module 3
Ecclesiastical Marriage Records
Introduction to Marriage Records
Working with the Records

Module 4
Ecclesiastical Marriage Supplements
Introduction to Marriage Supplements
Impediments to Marriage
Working with the Records
• Example Ecclesiastical Marriage Supplement

Module 5
Case Study
Researching the Novella family in Bogliasco, Genova Province, Italy using Parish records only
• Research Results from Phase 1
• Research Objectives
• Detailed Research Notes & Analysis
• Research Results Summary
Final Summary

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