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Research: Dutch Ancestors in the Netherlands
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Researching Dutch ancestors in the Netherlands is very exciting because of the wealth of information available to the genealogist. Even if you are unfamiliar with the Dutch language, this course will assist you and guide you through the records that contain details about your ancestors'' lives. This course will cover some historical information about the Netherlands and its provinces, an understanding of the Dutch language in genealogical documents, archives and repositories in the Netherlands and, the types of records available for your research. You will study, in more detail, census-type records, civil registration and searching the internet for Dutch genealogical information.

Course Content

Module 1
Historical Information
• The Land
• Jurisdictions
The Provinces
• Groningen
• Friesland
• Drenthe
• Overijssel
• Gelderland
• North Holland
• South Holland
• Zeeland
• Flevoland
• Utrecht
• North Brabant
• Limburg
The Language
• Days of the
• Months
• Numbers
• Ordinals
• Dates
• Time
• Calendar Changes
About Names
• Naming Patterns
• Given Names
• Patronymic Names
• Surnames
• Surnames in the Provinces

Module 2
Archives and Repositories
Dutch Records for Genealogical Research
Census Records
Population Records
• Population Registers
• Family Cards
• Person Cards
• Person Lists

Module 3
Civil Registration
• One-Year and Ten-Year Tables
• Births
• Marriage Registrations & Other Related Documents
• Marriage Intention
• Marriage Proclamation
• Marriage Consents
• Marriage Supplements
• Marriages
• Divorce Records
• Death Registrations

Module 4
Research on the Internet
• Dutch Only Database Search Engines
• Searching The Internet
• General Genealogy Websites
• Genealogy Databases and Tools
National Archives
Provincial Archives
• Drenthe
• Flevoland
• Friesland
• Gelderland
• Groningen
• Limburg
• North Holland
• Overijssel
• Utrecht
• Zeeland
• South Holland
Search Engines
Other Websites of Interest

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