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Research: United Empire Loyalist Ancestors
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The course describes what it meant to be a United Empire Loyalist in the context of the American Revolutionary War and how it affected his ensuing life. We also discuss the membership and lineage requirements of the United Empire Loyalists'' Association of Canada, with some attention to their application form. The bulk of the course material covers the basic, contemporary sources that help identify a Loyalist ancestor during and after the war: military, claims, land, and other records that assist with documenting your family. Students are advised to consult the Documents area to see samples of such records. Overviews of the British North American colonies where the Loyalists came for resettlement include Upper Canada (Ontario)—where the original U.E. (Unity of Empire) tradition took hold—the Maritime provinces and Lower Canada (Quebec). We give further references to books and websites, but keep in mind about the latter: websites occasionally disappear, or they may be revised periodically in format and content. At the basic level, this course should assist researchers who are beginning their quest for information and documentation.

    Course Content

    Module 1
    Background and Definition
    • Historical/Georgraphical Background
    • Military Service
    • British Army
    • Provincials
    • Some Key Figures
    • The Dorchester Resolution
    • Defining Loyalist
    • Service to the Crown
    • Gender
    • Different Backgrounds, Regions, and Distinctions
    • Some Distinguishing Usages
    • The Six Nations Indians

    Module 2
    The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada
    • Membership
    • Application and Research
    • Proof
    • Vital Statistics/Civil Registration
    • Census Returns
    • Church and Religious Records
    • Source Citations
    • Resource Centres
    • Library and Archives Canada (LAC)
    • The Family History Library (FHL)
    • "U.E."

    Module 3
    Main Loyalist Sources
    • Migrating and Re-Settling
    • Claims for Losses
    • Finding Aids, Indexes and Access
    • Land Grants
    • Land Petitions
    • Lists
    • Other Contemporary Records
    • Church and Clergy Records
    • Wills and Estate (Probate) Records

    Module 4
    Maritimes Region
    • Background
    • Nova Scotia
    • Resource Centres
    • Land Grants, Claims, Lists
    • Other Sources
    • New Brunswick
    • Resource Centres
    • Land Grants, Claims, Lists
    • Other Sources
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Resource Centres
    • Land Grants, Claims, Lists
    • Other Sources

    Module 5
    Quebec and the Gaspé
    • Background
    • The French Canadian Habitants
    • Resource Centres
    • Land Grants, Claims, Lists
    • Other Sources

    Module 6
    • Background
    • Resource Centres
    • Land Grants, Claims, Lists
    • Petitions
    • Lists
    • Other Sources
    • Six Nations Indians

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