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Research: Saskatchewan Ancestors
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Saskatchewan was part of the North West Territories from 1870 until it became a province in 1905. During this period the land was surveyed and railways were built to bring settlers to the west. To encourage settlement the government of Canada passed the Dominion Land Act in 1871. Under the act a one hundred and sixty acres of land was offered as a free homestead to males 21 years of age or to women who were the sole support for their family.

Many people came from other areas in Canada, the United States, the British Isles and Europe to take up homesteads. Before beginning research in Saskatchewan the researcher should establish a research plan noting whom they are searching for, when the family was in Saskatchewan, where they lived, and what they were doing in the province. This enables the researcher to see what records the family may have created in Saskatchewan. This course will help you learn about the major record centres, libraries and societies that can help you find and use the records you need to trace Saskatchewan ancestors. The assignment part of the course will involve using many of the websites to find which original documents you will need to the answer your research problems.

Course Content

Module 1
The Basics
• The Research Plan - The 5 W Approach
• Freedom of Information-Access to Information and Privacy Acts
• Copyright
• The Internet
• Recording Your Findings
• Code of Ethics
Locating Places Using Gazetteers, Maps & Atlases
• Gazetteers
• Maps
• Current Maps
Major Research Centres
• Archives
• University Archives
• City and Town Archives
• Church Archives
• Royal Canadian Mounted Police
• University & Institute Libraries
• Genealogical Society Libraries
Family History Centers & Affiliate Libraries
Additional Resources

Module 2
Ethnic Settlement & Immigration Records
Early Settlement
• Research Sources
Settlement in the North-West Territories 1870-1935
• Settlement Websites
Canadian Immigration Records
• Passenger Lists
Internet Immigration Programs and Lists
• Border Crossing Records
• Home Children
• Immigrants from the Russian Empire
• Naturalization & Citizenship
• Alternate Sources to Find Immigrants to Saskatchewan

Module 3
Land Records
Crown Land Records 1870-1930
• Dominion Land Survey
• How to Read and Find Western Canada's Land Descriptions
Homestead Land
• Homestead Documents & How They Help Genealogists
Crown Land Records at Archives of Saskatchewan
Crown Land Records at Library and Archives Canada
• Land Grants of Western Canada, 1870-1930
• Hudson’s Bay Company Land
• Railway Lands 1879-1896
• School Lands 1872-1930
• Land Grants to Veterans of South African War 1898-1913
• Land Grants to Veterans of World War 1 1917-1924
• Soldier Settlement Act, 1917 and 1919
• Colonization Companies 1881-1890
Saskatchewan Land Titles
• Old System
• New System
• Accessing Saskatchewan Land Titles

Module 4
Census & Census Substitutes
Census Records
• 1881 Census Canada - North West Territories
• 1891 Census of Canada - The Territories
• 1901 Census of Canada - The Territories
• Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906
• 1911 Census of Canada – Saskatchewan
• Census of the Prairie Provinces, 1916
• 1921 Census of Canada
• Census of the Prairie Provinces, 1926
• 1931 Census of Canada
• Other Census Records
Census Substitutes
• Directories
• Telephone Directories
• Assessment and Tax Rolls
• School Registers
• Voters' Lists
• Municipal Elector Lists
• Federal Voters Lists, 1935-1988
• National Registration File of 1940

Module 5
Vital Records & Alternates
Vital Statistics
Change of Name
Church Records
• Library and Archives Canada
• FamilySearch
• Anglican Church
• Baptist Church
• Jewish Religious Records
• Lutheran Church
• Mennonite Church
• Methodist Church
• Presbyterian Church
• Roman Catholic Church
• United Church
• Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church
Cemetery & Funeral Home Records
• Funeral Homes
Newspapers - Indexes & Databases
• Indexes to Saskatchewan Newspapers
• Databases
Local, School, Church & Organization Histories
• Local Histories
• School, Church & Organization Histories

Module 6
Court & Military Records
Saskatchewan Court Records
• Provincial Court
• Court of King's/Queen's Bench
• Criminal Cases
• Family Law Division
• Public Guardian and Trustee of Saskatchewan
• Wills and Probate Records
• Court of Appeal Records
• Historic Court Records
Military Records
• Veterans of the North West Rebellion 1885
• Veterans of the South African (Boer War) 1898-1913
• World War 1
• Post World War 1 Records
• Military Service Organizations

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