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Canadian: Wills and Estate Records-Part 2
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The course Researching Canadian Wills & Estate Records builds on the introductory level as it delves deeper into the intricacies of research when dealing with wills and estate records. Numerous examples, including their transcriptions for easier reading, will illustrate the various types of documents.

A Less emphasis has been focused on the course material and much more into the case studies in order to allow you to become much more familiar with working with the documentation.

Several case studies will give you opportunity to examine the documents yourself and become more accustom to their wording, their look, their feel, and, importantly, the wealth of information they hold.

Lastly, the course should reinforce that there are a variety of sources which should not be overlooked when researching for wills and estate records.

Course Content

Module 1
Wills Estates & Probate
• Glossary
Obituaries & Death Notices
• The Ontario Gazette

Module 2
Coroner's Inquests & Reports
• Archives of Ontario Finding Aid Record Group 22
• Records and Papers Request Slip
• Coroner's Report Example for Margaret Patrick
• Transcription: Example in the Coroner's Report
• Death Registration for Margaret Patrick
• Transcription: Coroner's Report - Charles Sandford Luckey
• Vital Statistics Index - Charles Sandford Luckey
• Newspaper Exerpts - Execution of Charles Sandford Luckey
• Coroner's Report of a Fire in Cardinal, Ontario, 1893
• Transcription: Coroner's Report in this example

Module 3
Holographic and Nuncupative Wills
• Armed Forces Wills
• Will of Pte. Wilfred Laurence Bancroft
• Estates & Illegitimacy

Module 4
• The Role of the Public Guardian & Trustee
• Unclaimed Funds/Property
• Finding Aid from Archives of Ontario for Carleton County
• How to Find a Guardianship Application
• Example of Audit Executor's Account
• Estate of Edward Baker
• Letters of Administration
• Petition Regarding Edward Baker's Estate
• Petition by Sophia Trombley for Administration
• Affidavit of Sophia Tromley regarding her Marriage to Edward Baker & the Children of this Union
• Notice of the Application for Letters of Administration for Sophie Tromley
• Confirmation of Receipt of the Notice of Application by the Surrogate Court Clerk
• Affidavit of Place of Death & Abode of Edward Baker
• Affidavit for the Search for Last Will of Edward Baker
• Affidavit of the Value of the Estate of Edward Baker
• Inventory of Goods of Edward Baker
• Affidavit of Sophia Trombley - Administer the Estate
• Notice of the Court Acknowledging that Sophia Trombley is the Administrator of the Estate of Edward Baker
• Bond of Surety for Sophia Trombley
• File for Guardianship, Estate of Edward Baker
• Affidavit of Notice - Sophia Trombley for Guardianship of Child
• Newspaper Notice
• Notice of Application - Guardianship of the Infant Child
• Court Clerk's Notice of Application for Guardianship
• Petition of Sophia Trombley for Guardianship
• Affidavit of the History of Marriage to Edward Baker & the Birth of Minor Child by Sophia Trombley
• Surety Bond for Sophia Trombley as Guardian
• Oath of Bondsmen

Module 5
Land Registry Offices
• Abstract Index to Deeds, Huron County, Morris Township
• Morris Township Copybook of Deeds

Module 6
Hastings County Surrogate Court File - Heman Gibbs Squier
Case Studies

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