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Scottish: Special Aspects of Scottish Research
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This course introduces concepts and terms which a student of Scottish family history coming to the topic for the first time is unlikely to have encountered in research in other jurisdictions, and an understanding of which will likely be found essential in exploring the resources discussed in the Scottish intermediate and advanced level courses. It includes tables and other information which the student at an intermediate or advanced level will be able to refer back to and draw upon when completing later courses.

The topics in this course include Scottish currency, weights, and measures; dates and calendars; languages; glossaries; handwriting; names and naming patterns; clans, septs and tartans; clan and surname DNA projects; heraldry; and compiled genealogies.

Course Content

Module 1
Currency, Weights and Measures
• Scots Coinage, to 1707
• Depreciation of the Scottish Currency
• The Act of Union, 1707
• Sterling Currency, from 1707 to 1971
• Sterling Currency, since 1971
• Working with Historical Amounts
• Converting From Scots Money to Sterling
• Determining the Modern Equivalent of a Historical Sum
Weights and Measures
• Scottish Weights and Measures, to 1707
• The Act of Union, 1707
• Weights and Measures Act, 1824
• Scottish Weights and Measures, from 1824 to 1969
• Metrification, 1969 and After
• Weights
• Liquid Capacity
• Dry Capacity
• Length or Distance
• Area

Module 2
Calendars and Palaeography
Calendars, Days and Dates
• The Calendar in Scotland, to 1582
• The Calendar in Scotland, from 1582 to 1599
• The Calendar in Scotland, from 1599 to 1752
• The Calendar in Scotland, since 1752
• Scottish Calendar Changes & The Family Historian
• Scottish Quarter Days
• Regnal Years & Scottish Family History Research
• Festivals, Fasts and Feasts
• Feast Days of Scottish Saints
• Scottish Calendar Customs
• Additional Websites
• Handwriting: Online Tutorials
• Scottish Handwriting: Printed Material
• Scottish Handwriting: Other Useful Webpages
• Calendars
• Palaeography

Module 3
Languages and Glossaries
Early Languages in Scotland
• (Celtic) Pictish
• Cumbric or British
• Anglian
• Norse and Norn
(Scottish) Gaelic: Language Tools and Resources
• Pronunciation of "Gaelic"
• Tools: Dictionary of the Scottish Gaelic Language
• Tools: Rannaich an Stςr-Dΰta Briathrachais Gΰidhlig
• Tools: Faclair na Pΰrlamaid/Dictionary of Terms
• Tools: The Gaelic Dictionaries Online Website
• Tools: Modern Gaelic-English Dictionaries
• Tools: 19th-Century Dictionaries of Gaelic
• Bibliography of Scottish Gaelic
• Gaelic Language: Further Reading
• Gaelic Language: Further Websites
Scots: Language Tools and Resources
• Background
• Stages in the History of the Scots Language
• Early Scots (1375-1450)
• Middle Scots (1450-1700)
• Modern Scots (1700-present)
• Scots Dialects
• Scottish Standard English
• Scotticisms
• Tools: The Dictionary of the Scots Language
• Tools: Other Scots-English Dictionaries
• Tools: 19th-Century Dictionaries of the Scots Language
• Tools: Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech
• Tools: Handwriting Guides
• Scots Language: Further Reading
• Language: Further Websites
Latin: Language Tools and Resources
• Online Latin Tutorials
• Printed Latin Tutorials
• Latin Glossaries and Word Lists
• Classical Latin and Medieval Latin
• Automated Latin-English Translations
Glossaries: An Introduction
Online Glossaries for Local and Family Historians
• The Scottish Archive Network Glossary
• ScotlandsPeople: List of "Unusual Words"
• Wedderburn Pages
• A Scots Glossary
• ScotsFind Glossary
• Research Outline: Scotland
Printed Glossaries for Local and Family Historians
• A Scottish Historian's Glossary
• A Scottish Genealogist's Glossary
• A Scots Agricultural Glossary
• Glossaries in Family History Guides
• Research Outline: Scotland
National Archives of Scotland Glossaries
• NAS Online Index of Legal Terms and Offences Libelled
• Guide to the National Archives of Scotland: Glossary
Legal Glossaries
Medical Glossaries
• Archaic Medical Terms
Online Lists of Occupations
• ScotlandsPeople: List of Occupations
• Languages: Gaelic
• Languages: Scots
• Languages: Latin
• Glossaries

Module 4
Forenames and Place Names
(Scottish) Gaelic: Background
• (Scottish) Gaelic: A Goidelic Language
• (Scottish) Gaelic: Historical Overview
• (Scottish) Gaelic: Current Status
• Gaelic and Your Parish
• Statistical Accounts of Scotland
• Gΰidhlig (Scottish Gaelic) Local Studies
Scottish Forenames
• Guides to Scottish Forenames
• The Most Common Forenames in Scotland
• Forenames: Gaelic and English Equivalents
• Male Forenames: English and Gaelic Equivalents
• Female Forenames: English and Gaelic Equivalents
• Forenames: Latin and English Equivalents
• Forename Variants
• Scottish Naming Convention
• Two Children with the Same Forename
• Other Naming Customs
Scottish Place Names
• Place Names and Family History
• Scottish Place Names: Published Books
• Scottish Place-Name Society
• Institute for Name-Studies
• Place Names and the Ordnance Survey
• Place Names and Historical Maps
• Place Names and Gazetteers
• (Scottish) Gaelic: Background
• Scottish Forenames
• Scottish Place Names

Module 5
Clans, Septs and Surnames
Surnames in Scotland
• Guides to Surnames in Scotland
• The Most Common Surnames in Scotland
• Special Aspects of Surnames in Scotland
The Clans of Scotland
• Clans of Scotland: Printed Guides
• Clans and Surnames of Scotland: Online Resources
Septs of Scottish Clans
DNA Analysis and Scottish Family History Research
• DNA and Family History: Introductory Guides
• DNA and Family History: Online Resources
Clan and Surname DNA Projects
• Online Portals: Clan and Surname DNA Projects
• Scottish Clans DNA Project
• Shetland Islands DNA - Genealogy Project
Genetic Roots of the People of the British Isles
• Deep Ancestry and the British Isles: Recent Books
• The Genographic Project
• Clans and Surnames
• DNA and Family History: Introductory Guides
• Genetic Roots of the People of the British Isles

Module 6
Specialised Topics & Digital Books
Compiled Genealogies
Scottish Biographical Dictionaries
• Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
• British Biographical Archive
• Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)
Scots Peerage and Nobility
Scots Heraldry
• The Court of the Lord Lyon
• Heraldry Society of Scotland
Clans: Tartans, Badges and Mottoes etc.
Digital Books: Time to Try Them!
Exercise One: Digital Books & the Internet Archive
Exercise Two: Digital Books & Google Book Search
• Compiled Genealogies
• Scottish Biographical Dictionaries
• Scots Peerage and Nobility
• Scots Heraldry
• Clans: Tartans, Badges and Mottoes, etc.

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