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Librarianship: Cooperative Ventures and Referrals
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This course provides an overview of a number of cooperative ventures that a library with a commitment to genealogy patrons and organizations can initiate or in which it can participate. In addition, examples of referrals and recommendations that a genealogical librarian may be able to make to his or her patron are described in detail.

Each of the examples of cooperative programs can be accomplished through open communications between the library and the potential partner(s) and through creative yet practical planning and execution. However, you may be surprised at some of the real-life scenarios presented and the way that their successes have been achieved.

Reference referrals are an essential part of every library''s or archive''s operations. You will need to become familiar with your local service area and learn about other complementary collections, government documents repositories, and other resources in that vicinity. Your library will provide a focal point for connecting with many types of print, electronic, and document source materials. However, since no library has an unlimited collection development or electronic resource/database licensing budget, it is imperative that the genealogical library personnel are familiar with other places to successfully refer genealogical patrons.

The Genealogical Librarianship Certificate Program is intended to provide overlapping and complementary content between courses. One of your primary goals is to assimilate the information presented in each course and integrate it into a "big picture" that will help you provide the best possible service to your genealogical patrons. Therefore, you will find that this course complements material presented in others in the Genealogical Librarianship Certificate curriculum, including Developing, Organizing, and Supporting a Core Collection, Helping Users with Specialized Genealogical Sources, Finding Aids, Brochures, Online and Multimedia Instructional Tools, and this Cooperative Ventures and Referrals course.

At the conclusion of this course, you should have a strong perspective of methods of collaborating and cooperating with other organizations and institutions in order to further the services you can provide the genealogical patron and community. Likewise, you will become conversant with the wide array of referral opportunities that can extend your genealogical patron''s research reach.

Course Content

Module 1
Defining A "Cooperative Venture"
• Introduction
• What Is a "Cooperative Venture?"
• Identify Your Patron Populations
• Develop a Mission Statement for Developing Your Collection
• Develop a Strategic Plan
• Assemble Materials Needed to Support Your Plan
• Establish a Reasonable Schedule
• Define Measurable Goals

Module 2
Working with Societies
• Introduction
• Identify Potential Partners
• What Can Your Library Provide?
• Communication is the Essential Key
• Working with Genealogical and Historical Societies
• Host a "Genealogy Summit"
• Collaboration on Housing a Society's Collection
• Develop a Society Gift or Memorial Program
• Stay Involved and Communicate!

Module 3
Working with Other Organizations
• Introduction
• Friends of the Library
• Outreach to Clubs, Societies, and Other Organizations
• Fundraising Initiatives
• More about Collection Development through Memorial Programs

Module 4
Working with Educational Institutions
• Introduction
• Working with Educational Institutions
• Planning Programs with Public Schools
• Planning Programs with Academic Institutions
• Hosting Other Educational Research Groups

Module 5
Creative Approaches with Special Materials
• Introduction
• Making Otherwise Ephemeral and Fragile Materials Available
• Indexing Projects
• Cataloguing Initiatives
• Microfilming and Digitization Projects
• The Digitizing Imaging of Special Collections (DISC) Project
• Historical Newspaper Microfilming
• Providing Physical Access to Rare Documents, Photographs, and Other Resources

Module 6
Reference Referrals: Expanding the Patron's Research Reach
• Introduction
• Identifying Places to Refer Genealogical Patrons
• LDS Family History Centers
• Academic Libraries
• Local, County, State, Provincial, Territorial, and National Archives and Libraries
• Historical Museums
• Government Documents Repositories
• Courthouses and Other Government Offices
• Reciprocal Borrowing from Other Collections
• Use of Traditional Interlibrary Loan
• PERSI: The Periodical Source Index of the Allen County Public Library
• Develop "Rapid Response" Interlibrary Services
• "Extraordinary Service is Our Hallmark!"

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