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Librarianship: Genealogy Record Types
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This course provides an overview of many categories of record types that can be used by genealogists in their research pursuits. While government-mandated and -issued records may be available to the researcher, there will be times when a given record may not yet have been used or when the record simply cannot be located. In these instances, it is important to understand what records may be used as substitutes that contain much of the same information in order to substantiate or refute a hypothesis.

You will be presented with many examples of materials, and these will provide an understanding of what record types are available, where they are likely to be located, and what type of content they contain. We will not focus so much on the actual "how-to" analysis of the data contained in the records, although we will discuss the use of your "critical thinking skills" in helping patrons.

The Librarianship Certificate Program is intended to provide overlapping and complementary content between modules. One of your primary goals is to assimilate the information presented in each course and integrate it into a "big picture" that will help you provide the best possible service to your genealogical patrons. Therefore, you will find that this course compliments material presented in the other Librarianship courses.

Finally, it is important that you become familiar with your local service area and the record repositories where specific records may be found and accessed. Your library will provide a focal point for connecting with many types of print, electronic, and document source materials. While your physical collection may or may not include original source materials, you will always be assisting patrons in research that provides clues and pointers to original, derivative, and authored sources. You cannot connect the patron to the appropriate resources if you do not have a clear understanding of what records exist, where they are located, and how to access them.

You will be amazed at the sheer numbers of different record types available to support genealogical research but, by the time you complete this course, you will be much better prepared to support your genealogical patrons with knowledge and confidence.

Course Content

Module 1
The Basics
• Primary vs. Secondary Sources
• Original vs. Derivative Sources
• Start with What You Know
Home Sources
• Vital Records and Civil Registration Records
• Placing Ancestors into Context
• Maps
• Historical Materials
• Sociological and Religious Issues
Putting It All Together

Module 2
Using Census Records
• United States Census Records
• Canadian Census Records
• British Census Records
• Scottish Census Records
• Irish Census Records
• Australian Census Records
 Census Indexes and Finding Aids

Module 3
Ecclesiastical Records
Record Types 
• Membership Rolls
• Certificate of Membership
• Records of Excommunication and Shunning
• Meeting Minutes
• Committee Minutes and Reports
• Hearings and Inquiries
• Birth Records and Bastard Bonds
• Baptismal Certificates
• Christening Records
• Confirmation Records
• Records of Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah
• First Communion
• Marriage Certificate
• Records of Annulment
• Clergy Search and Appointment Records
• Office Administrative Records
• Building Plans and Related Documents
• Missionary Records
• Fellowship Group Records
• Photographs
• Published Congregational Histories
• Church Bulletins
• Religious Newspapers and Journals
• Donation and Tithing Records
• Death and Burial Records
• Bishop's Transcripts

Module 4
Land and Property Records
Deeds, Indentures, Surveys, Taxes and Liens 
Different Measurement Systems Used in Different Locations
• United States Land Measurement Systems
• Canadian Land Measurement Systems
• Land and Property Records in the United Kingdom
• Irish Land Records
Establishing Locations between Censuses
Tracing a Line of Descent through Land Records

Module 5
Using Death-Related Records
Death Certificates and Coroners' Reports
Cemetery Records 
Tombstones, Markers, and Memorial Inscriptions 
Funeral Home and Mortuary Records 
Wills and Probate Packets 
Other Documentary Evidence 

Module 6
Military Service Records
 Establishing Context is Vitally Important
• Military Histories and Indexes
• Military Registration Cards
• Draft or Conscription Notices
• Enlistment Forms and Related Documentation
• Medical Records
• Quartermaster or Provisions Records
• Educational Testing and Training Reports/Diplomas
• Duty Assignments
• Muster Rolls and Muster Cards
• Payroll Records and Pay Stub
• Announcements/Postings of Promotions or Demotions
• Records of the Awarding of Medals and Commendations
• Casualty Reports
• Discharge Papers
• Records of Courts-Martial
• Pension Applications
• Pension Files Containing Affidavits, Correspondence, Payment Records, and Other Documents
• Veterans Medical and Benefits Records
• Monumental Inscription Records and Memorials
Possible Sources for Military Records 

Module 7
Immigration and Naturalization Records
Reasons for Migration 
• Religious or Ethnic Persecution
• Natural Disasters
• Famine
• Economic Problems
• War
• Political Strife/Turmoil/Oppression
• Following Family and Friends
• Adoption
• Slavery
• Forced Relocation of Native Americans
• Criminal Incarceration/Deportment
• Not a First Son
• Great Financial Opportunity
Historical and Social Time Lines That Can Affect Immigration 
Migration Routes Discussed 
A Chronology of Ships' Passenger Lists and What They Offer: Understanding the Situation 
• Bibliography of Useful American Immigration
Where to Find the Records 
• U.S. Resource Centers
• Canadian Resource Centers
• Australian Resource Centers
What Information Is Found on Ships' Passenger Lists? 
Locate and Access Canadian Immigration Records 
• Library and Archives Canada
Australian Immigration Records 
• U.S. Naturalization
• Naturalization in Canada
• Naturalization in Australia

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