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Librarianship: Programming and Marketing Your Services
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This course presents techniques for programming and promoting your collections and services. Success in this area increases usage and user satisfaction and may generate funding possibilities.

Course Content

Module 1
Programming & Marketing your Services
Active Programming
Active versus Passive Programming
• Create a demand
• Develop momentum and synergy
• Build on what's "hot"
• Depart from what's been done
• Cross subject areas
• Use expert
• Remember the audience
• Have fun

Module 2
Starting Points
Program Types
• Introductions
• Celebrations
• Exhibit Connections
• Customized Programs
• New Resource Assistance
• Intermediate/Advanced Level Classes
• Conferences
• Genealogy Stars
• Projects
• Discussion Groups
• Co-sponsorships and Partnerships
• Something New

Module 3
Shaping the Program
When and How Often?
The Calendar
• Calendar A
• Calendar B
• More Ideas

Module 4
Speaker's Calendar
• Book speakers well in advance
• Be prepared with back-up speakers
Inclement Weather
• Book rooms well in advance
• Be prepared with back-up locations or dates
Program Site Checklist
Outside Speaker Arrangements
• Confirmation Letters of Time, Place and Compensation
• Commercial Restrictions
• Speaker Equipment Needs
• Equipment & Facility Requirements Sample Form
• Supplies for Participants
Be Prepared
Have Fun

Module 5
Promoting the Programs
Level I, The Basics
• Listings and Announcements
• Electronic calendars
• Flyers
• Make limited use of clip art
• Keep the text basic
• Use standard letter paper size and stock
Level II, Outreach
• Mailing Lists
• Personal Contacts
• Notification of new programs or changes by e-mail
Level III, Generating Interest

Module 6
Marketing Concepts for Genealogy Librarians
• Market Research
• Public Relations
• Community Involvement
• Branding
• Advertising
• Media Planning
• Distribution
• Displays
• Location
• The Ability to Browse
• Variety
• Supplemental Materials
• Outside Displays
• Sales
• On-on-one contact
• Public presentations, conferences and civic activities
• Customer Support
• The Mix

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