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Librarianship: Internet Genealogy Searches
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The types and quantities of resources available on the Internet are ever expanding. In this course we will cover all the many kinds of genealogical Internet resources available, as well as some of those that are not typically thought of as being genealogically focused.

Course Content

Module 1
Why Use the Internet?
Types of Resources Available on the Internet
Some Issues in Using the Internet for Genealogy
• The Internet Is Not the Place to Start
• "Everything" Is Not on the Internet
• The Free Versus Fee Debate
• Evaluation of What Is Found on the Internet
National Genealogical Society’s Guidelines for the Use of Computer Technology in Genealogical Research
Professional Resources Online for Genealogy Librarians

Module 2
Blogs, Social Media, Mailing List & Gateways for Genealogists

• Major Genealogy Blogs

Social Media
• Major Social Media Sites

Mailing Lists
• Active versus Passive Use of the Mailing Lists
• How to Post a Query
• Effective Postings
• Start Your Own Mailing List
Genealogical Gateways or Good Places to Start on the Internet for Genealogy
• General Genealogical Gateway Sites
• Locality, Ethnic and Religion Gateway Sites

Module 3
Indexes & Databases Online
Tips for Searching Databases
FamilySearch: The Most Important Free Website
• Record Searching
• Using the Records Found
Free versus for Fee Debate
• What Are Some of the Costs of Providing this Information on the Internet?
Commercial Sites
Major Databases Online Plus a Sampling of Smaller Databases
• Vital Records/Statistics: Births, Marriages, Deaths
• Census
• Wills
• Emigration/Immigration
• Land Records
• Military
• Other Subjects

Module 4
Surname Sites
Surname Query Sites
Message Boards
• Collaborative Family Tree Building
Other Sites that Relate to Surnames
Active versus Passive Use of Surname Query Sites
• Privacy Issues
Personal Genealogy Web Pages & Blogs
Finding People Today – Descendant Searching

Module 5
Archives & Record Offices
• Provincial Archives
United States
United Kingdom and Ireland
Other Countries
• Gateways to Libraries
• Virtual Libraries
Family History and Genealogical Societies

Module 6
Internet Search Tools
Search Engines
• Google
• Yahoo!
• Bing
Regional Search Engines
MetaSearch Engines
Specialized Genealogy Search Tools
Some Steps for Improving the Relevancy of Information Found on the Internet
Evaluating What You Find
How To Evaluate What You Find
How to Use Information Derived from the Internet

Module 7
Non-Genealogy Sites
• Local History
• Official Newspapers of Record
Keeping Up to Date with New Internet Resources for Genealogy
Internet Sources for Organizing Genealogical Research
Citing Electronic Information

Module 8

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