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Canadian: Vital Statistics Records-Part 2
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You were probably surprised by the amount of information included in the Canadian: Vital Statistics Records - Part 1 course. You will recognize that some material in Part 2 was included in the basic course. It is being repeated in order for the student to focus on this particular facet of present day documents. The Canadian: Vital Statistics Records - Part 2 course will continue to describe the whereabouts of the records that are available at Government Archives as well as Government Offices and Court Houses records, i.e., Government present day registrations for Birth, Marriages and Deaths; Adoption Records from Government Offices and Divorce Records from both.

The other area we will cover is that of Adoption Records and their accessibility. An adoption search is quite different from any other search you will ever undertake and should be done with great care. It effects the lives of the living more profoundly than you would ever imagine.

We will also be examining the procedure for finding and using Divorce records in genealogy.

Course Content

Module 1
Researching Vital Statistics Records In Canada — A Review...
Vital Statistics: Births, Marriages & Deaths
• Alberta
• British Columbia
• Manitoba
• New Brunswick
• Newfoundland & Labrador
• Nova Scotia
• Ontario
• Prince Edward Island
• Québec
• Saskatchewan
Case Studies

Module 2
Adoption Records
Post Adoption Search
• Alberta Adoption Search
• British Columbia Adoption Search
• Manitoba Adoption Search
• New Brunswick Adoption Search
• Newfoundland & Labrador Adoption Search
• Nova Scotia Adoption Search
• Ontario Adoption Search
• Prince Edward Island Adoption Search
• Québec Adoption Search
• Saskatchewan Adoption Search
Independent Adoption Search
Adoption Registries in Canada
• Parent Finders of Canada
• Adoption Council of Canada
• TRIAD (Truth in Adoption)
• Other Agencies
Case Studies

Module 3
Divorce Records in Canada
Legal Terminology
Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings
Alberta Divorce Records
British Columbia Divorce Records
Manitoba Divorce Records
New Brunswick Divorce Records
Newfoundland & Labrador Divorce Records
Nova Scotia Divorce Records
Ontario Divorce Records
Prince Edward Island Divorce Records
Saskatchewan Divorce Records
Québec Divorce Records
Case Studies

Module 4
Alternate Sources for Vital Statistics
Religious Records
• Baptism
• Marriage
• Burial or funeral or interment
• And Other Religious Records
Other Sources Created at Time of Death
Family Bibles, Papers & Hearsay
Family bibles
Published Genealogies & Family Histories
Case Studies

Module 5
Case Studies

Module 6
Case Studies
• National Reference
• Provincial/Regional Guides

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