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German: Record Repositories
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The ultimate goal of students in taking German genealogical courses, is presumably, to be able to search German records for their ancestry and other relatives. Therefore, one important aspect of these courses is to describe the nature of the repositories where the needed records reside. In German areas, as well as elsewhere around the world, there are a variety of both libraries and archives (hence, the usage of the term “repositories”) one may have to access in order to obtain the needed records.

To be effective in using a variety of German repositories, it is important to learn about them, including their differences, and how to access them. Due to the sheer number of archives, libraries, societies and other repositories, it is not practical, or useful, to try and identify all of them, or even most of them. Each researcher may need a different set of repositories to succeed in research. Therefore, the approach of this course will be to introduce the major kinds of repositories, and how they operate, in a general sense.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of this particular course are the assignments that accompany each module. They require specific actions by the student to learn about the holdings and rules of libraries or archives of interest. Diligent fulfillment of the assignments is the best way to learn the most in the current course.
Course Content

Module 1

Understanding FamilySearch Collections
The Family History Library
• Microform Collections
• Books
• Electronic Media
• Space Limitations
• Library Services
• Preparing to Visit the Library
• Library Rules
• Finding More Information
FamilySearch’s German Collection
• Church Records
• German Religious Records Collections at FamilySearch
• Civil Registration
• Emigration Records
• Other Original Records
• Books and Periodicals
Family History Centers
Granite Mountain Records Vault

Module 2
Using The FamilySearch Catalog
FamilySearch Catalog Basics
• Place
• Surname
• Keyword
• Film or fiche number
• Author
• Subject
• Book call number
German Localities in the Library Catalog
• The German Empire
German Locality Subject Headings (Record Types)
Other Records
Form Subdivisions

Module 3
German Archives
The Record Creator as an Archive
• State and City Archives
• Church Archives
• Internet Access
• Inventories and Guides
• Research and Reference Tools
Additional Reading
Module 4
Church Record Inventories
Older Inventories
Current Inventories
Internet Sources

Module 5
Genealogical Societies

Module 6
Correspondence To Germany
Correspondence as a Means of Accessing Records
• Composing Your Message
• Additional Considerations
• Email Access
• Sending Money
• Letter-Writing Guide
Additional Reading

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