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English: Court Records-Criminal, Civil & Ecclesiastical
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This course deals with records of use to genealogists and family historians from the many English courts that controlled our ancestors’ lives—canon law, feudal law, customary law, common law and equity.

The former importance of ecclesiastical courts is emphasized. Civil ones comprising manor courts, petty, borough and quarter sessions as well as chancery and exchequer courts are covered. Criminal assizes and records of prisoners & convicts, gaols & transportation are discussed. The availability of original records and indexes to the researcher situated anywhere in the world and their relevance to genealogical investigations is explained.

Course Content

Module 1

Ecclesiastical Courts
• Ecclesiastical Causes
Discipline of Clergy
• Dispensations
Licenses & Degrees
• Conferring Degrees
• Marriage Licences
• Licences for Parochial Positions
• Professional Licences
Matrimonial Causes
Nonconformity & Heresy
Parish Boundaries 
Witchcraft & Sorcery 

Module 2
Church Hierarchy & Courts
Diocesan Courts 
Provincial Church Courts
• The Province of York
• The Province of Canterbury
• Chancery Court of York
High Court of Delegates
Peculiars & Donatives
Doctors' Commons
Procedures & Records
• Procedures & Records
• Articles of Enquiry
Cause Procedures
• Non-Judicial Business
• Plenary Court Procedure
• Testamentary Court Procedure
• Sentences for Laity and Clergy
• Sentences for Clergy Only
Location of Records, Calendars & Indexes 

Module 3
Civil Courts
Civil Court Proceedings 
• Depositions
Early Civil Courts
• Hundred Courts
• Shire/County Courts
• Court of Hustings
Manor Courts
• Manorial Documents Register
• Petty Sessions
• Borough Sessions
Quarter Sessions
• County Administration
• Judicial Cases
Sessions Cases
• Apprentices
• Bastardy
• Constables
• Coroners' Inquests
• Gaols
• Licensing & Excise Law Enforcement
• Matrimonial Cases
• Militia
• Misdemeanours
• Nuisances
• Parish Officers
• Roads & Bridges
• Taxation
• Theft

Module 4
Some Civil Causes/Suits
• Bankrupts & Debtors
• Defamation
Special Courts
• Courts of Commissioners of Sewers
• Court of Gaol Delivery
• Court of Orphans
• Court of Requests 1485-1642
• Forest Courts
• Guild Courts
• London Courts
• Mining Courts
• Port Mote
• Staple Courts
• Curia Regis
• King's or Queen's Bench
• Palatinate & Duchy Courts
• Equity
• Chancery Procedure
• Early Efforts
• Online Equity Database
Funds in Chancery
Chancery Office Records
• Close Rolls
• Charter Rolls
• Fine Rolls
• Parliament Rolls
• Revenue Courts with Equity Proceedings
• Exchequer
• Court of Augmentations
• Court of First Fruits & Tenths
19th & 20th Century Changes
• 1858 New Divorce & Probate Courts
• 1873-1875 High Court of Justice

Module 5
Criminal Courts
Assize Courts
• Commission of Oyer and Terminer
• Possessory Assizes
• Grand Assize
• Bloody Assizes
• Records of Assizes
Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)
Court of Criminal Appeal
Prisoners & Punishments
• Nefarious Activities
• Imprisonment
• Execution & Hanging
• Transportation
• Young Offenders

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