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Italian: Catholic Church Records-Part 1
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Church or ecclesiastical records is one of the largest and most important record sets in Italian genealogical research. These records are becoming more available outside of Italy, due to the efforts of FamilySearch to microfilm and digitize these records, as well as a few other smaller projects. Yet, the majority of these records remain in the archives of Italy.

In this course we’ll look at how and why these records were created, what types of records can be found, and what genealogical information you may find. We’ll discuss what archives these records are conserved in and how to access the records.

Course Content

Module 1
Catholic Church Records
• When did ecclesiastical records begin and why?
• Can I find my ancestors back to the beginning of ecclesiastical records?
Understanding the Records
• Language used in the records
Recommended Reading

Module 2
Understanding Ecclesiastical Jursidictions & Archives
Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions & Archives
• Diocese & Archdiocese
• Parish
Digitization, Filming, or Indexing Projects
• FamilySearch
• Parish / Diocesan Projects

Module 3
Baptismal or Ecclesiastical Birth Records
Birth & Baptism Record Examples 
Working with the Records

Module 4
Confirmation Records
Confirmation Record Examples 
Working with the Records
• Table Format
• Paragraph Format
• Single Line
• Age of Child

Module 5
Ecclesiastical Death & Burial Records
Death & Burial Record Examples 
• Parish Death Register
• Stillborn Children / Others Found Dead
• Widow’s Death Record
• Death of one who served within the Church
• Ecclesiastical Register
• Infant Death & Burial Record

Module 6
Parish Records Case Study
Who were the ancestors of Giovanni Maria Marinoni & Antonia Balduzzi? 
• Beginning Information
• Analysis of Location & Available Records
• Initial Research Plan
• Detailed Research Notes & Analysis

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