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US: Occupational Records
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Genealogy and the study of family history are more than just the gathering of names and dates. To understand our ancestor, we must look at all aspects of their life, including what they did for a living. This course will focus on occupational records and what they can reveal about our ancestor’s lives.

To learn more about an individual’s occupation the researcher must utilize more than one record. Once the researcher has searched familiar records like the census, city directories, and newspapers, they must continue on with archival records that may document the ancestor’s specific occupation and activities surrounding that occupation. This requires the researcher to access data from many different sources and then analyzes the data to gain the most complete picture of an individual and their occupation or life’s work.

Course Content

Module 1

Resources and Repositories
• FamilySearch and the Family History Library
• National Archives, Records Administration & their Regional Branches
• Library of Congress
• ArchiveGrid
• Digitized Books and Periodicals
• Periodicals
• What was it called in the Old Country?
Additional Resources

Module 2
Census Schedules
United States Federal Census Schedules
Census Schedules 1790-1840
• 1790 and 1800
• 1810
• 1820
• 1830
• 1840
General Information
• Census Schedule 1850-1930
• Population Schedule 1850-1930
• Agriculture Schedule 1850-1880
• Social Statistics Schedule 1850-1870
• Slave Schedules 1850-1860
Schedules by Year: Population and Non-Population Schedules
• Agriculture Schedule
• Products of Industry Schedule
• Mortality Schedule
• Social Statistics
• Agriculture Schedule
• Industry Schedule
• Mortality Schedule
• Social Statistics Schedule
• Slave Schedule
• Agriculture Schedule
• Product of Industry
• Mortality Schedule
• Population Schedule
• Agriculture Schedule
• Manufactures Schedule
• Mortality Schedule
• Defective, Dependent, Delinquent Classes

Module 3
Record Types
• Business Directories
Birth, Death or Marriage Records
• Marriage Records
• Death Records
• Advertisements
Church Records
• Utopian Society
Court Records
Land Records
Diaries and Journals
Passenger Records
Passport Records
Additional Resources

Module 4
Business Records - Employer, Employee, Owners
Corporation and Business Records
• Small Business
• Corporations
Labor Unions
• "Dues Paying Member"
• Union Organizational Leaders
• Union Periodicals
Additional Resources

Module 5
Railroads, Physicians, Lawyers and the Federal Government
Lawyers and Judges
Federal Employee
Additional Resources

Module 6
Building A Profile of an Individual’s “Working Life”
Building a Profile with a Focus on Occupation

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