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Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion
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Planning a family reunion is often something you have been thinking or dreaming of for years. But like most projects, at a certain point you must STOP dreaming and START doing.

Let''s not kid ourselves, planning a family reunion is a big job. It will take lots of hours, and many times you will wonder why you ever dreamed of this.

Yes, you can do this, just don''t try to do it by yourself. If you''ve assembled a good planning team, your family reunion will be a success. This course will give you lots of ideas and suggestions to make the planning of your reunion a little easier.

Genealogy has been known to become a passion or become addictive. Well the enthusiasm in planning a family reunion is infectious, if you have the excitement, you will pass it on...

Course Content

Module 1

Planning A Fabulous Family Reunion
• Why Plan A Family Reunion
• How Often Should A Reunion Be Held?
• Yearly Advantages
• Yearly Disadvantages
The Various Steps In Planning A Fabulous Family Reunion
• The Family Survey
• Who, What, When & Where
• Who Will Be The Team, Who Will Be Invited
• Various Committees
• Finance Committee
• Fundraising Committee
• Genealogy Committee
• Location Committee
• Lodging Committee
• Programme Committee
• Recording-the-Family-Reunion Committee
• Registration Committee
• Remember-the-Reunion Committee
• Secretarial Committee
• Setup and Cleanup Committee
• Transportation Committee

Module 2
The Guest List
What Type Of Reunion Would your Family Members LlikeTo Attend
• The Picnic Reunion
• The Afternoon Tea or A Cocktail Reunion
• A Dinner or Banquet Reunion
• The Weekend Reunion
• The Exotic Family Reunions
In Summary...
When & Where
Organizing The Family List & Communications
• Getting the List
• Communication with the Family

Module 3
The Budget— A Tough Challenge
• Expenses Before the Reunion
• Expenses the Day of the Reunion
• Expenses After the Reunion
• From the Family Historian
• From the Family in General
• From Corporate Sponsors
Reunion Themes
• Dressed like our Ancestors
• From one Generation to the next
• From Yesterday to Tomorrow
• Let's all laugh together
• Let's join our Families
• Our Family History
• We are Family or we are the Children
Reunion Activities
• Registration
• Get Acquainted Time
• Entertainment
• Prizes
• Worship Service

Module 4
• The Family Calendar
• The Family Directory
• The Family Picture
• The Family Reunion Album
• The Family Reunion Video
• The Family Reunion Audio Tape
The Good-Byes
• Evaluation Form
• Thank You & Acknowledgment Notes
• Reunion Booklet, Reunion Album, Reunion Video & Family Directory
• In Summary...
Needed Genealogical Items
• Blank Forms
• Reference Numbers
• Family Group Record
• Address & Telephone Directory
• My Ancestors' Descendants
• Location
• Daily Journal
• How Has Your Family Changed?
• Family Mementoes
• Precious Documents Inventory
• Personal Diary
• Expense Journal

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