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Protect Your Precious Documents
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You have taken the time to find all your family's precious documents, photos & mementoes, now take the time to protect them from the passage of time for future generations to enjoy.

Find out how to create family albums that will give you the ability to display your pictures but protects them at the same time. This course will show different storage methods to prevent damage as well as how to clean old documents and repair torn pages. The procedures for encapsulating documents will also be demonstrated as well as many other hints to protect your valuable family memories.

Through this course, we hope you will have a closer look at the materials you have found to date and how you are now storing them. We will show you how to easily prevent the danger of damage and deterioration.

Course Content

Module 1

What Should We Preserve?

Cleaning Procedures

  • Acid-free
  • Enclosures
  • Plastic Enclosures
  • Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes
  • Available Products

    Articles We will Likely Want to Preserve
    Worst Enemies of Preservation

    Module 2

    Paper Documents
    What to Keep, What to Discard?
    How Are Your Documents Held Together?
    Do Your Documents Require Cleaning?
    Suggestions When Cleaning Documents
    What Level of Acidity Does Your Document Have?
    Should You Deacidify Your Documents?
    Does Your Document Have Tears or Rips in It?
    How to Store Your Documents?

    Module 3

    Photographs & Negatives

    Family Books: The Family Bible, Diaries & Family History Books
  • How to Store Your Books

    Module 4

    Audio Recordings, Phonograph Records & Audio Cassettes
  • Live Action Recordings
  • Compact Disks
  • Special Heirlooms on Fabric, on Wood, on Metal

    In The End...


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