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English: Non-Anglican Church Records
Register (Fees/Dates)
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This course complements the English: Parish Registers which is concerned solely with the Established Church from 1538 onwards when, apart from the brief reign of Mary Tudor (1553-1558), it had broken away from the Roman Catholic domination and moved towards Protestantism.

The course deals with the other Judaeo-Christian denominations in England. I use the word Non-Anglican has a general term for all of these. The term Nonconformist strictly refers only to Protestants, and it is used with that meaning in this text. Most genealogists will have need to examine the records of Nonconformists, Catholics, Jews, or other faiths at some time in their searches. Extensive material is waiting to be used in archives, libraries, and genealogy websites.

Course Content

Module 1

Researching English Non-Anglicans

Clues to Non-Anglican Ancestry
Protestant Dissenter Ancestry

Clues to Catholic Ancestry
Clues to Jewish Ancestry

Protestant Categories
Independent Movements
Historical Survey & State Records
Pre-Reformation (to 1534)
Reformation to Civil War (1534-1642)

Module 2
Eras & Acts

Restoration (1660-1730s)
Sacrament Certificates
Methodism Era (1730s-1830s)
Victorian era (1830s-1901)

Module 3
General Civil Records, Anglican, and Jewish Records
Quarter Sessions & Assizes
Places of Worship

Naturalization & Denization
Maps, Local Histories & Theses
Anglican Records
Monumental Inscriptions
Parish Chest Records
Ecclesiastical Court Records
History and Beliefs
History in England
Jewish Names
Location of Jews in England
Jewish Records
Jewish Registers
Other Jewish Records

Module 4
Catholic Records

Roman Catholics
History and Beliefs
Catholic Missions and Parishes
Catholic Records
Catholic Registers
Other Catholic Records
Other Catholic Parish Records
Catholics in Early Non-Catholic Records
Catholic Societies
Catholic Publications

Module 5
Protestants, Huguenots, Walloons & Flemish, Muggletonians, and Presbyterians & Unitarians Records

Protestant Records
Dr. Williams' Library
Protestant Nonconformist Registers
Unique features of Nonconformist Registers
Other Nonconformist Records
Other Items in the Register Books
Immigrant Protestants
Huguenots, Walloons & Flemish
History and Beliefs
Huguenot, Walloon & Flemvish Records
Huguenot, Walloon & Flemish Registers
Other Records of Huguenots
Presbyterians & Unitarians
History and Beliefs
Presbyterian & Unitarian Records
Presbyterian & Unitarian Archives
Presbyterian & Unitarian Registers
Other Presbyterian & Unitarian Records

Module 6
Baptists, and Congregationalists & Independents Records
History and Beliefs
Baptist Records
Baptist Registers
Other Baptist Records
Baptist References
Congregationalists & Independents
History and Beliefs
Congregational/Independent Records
Congregational & Independent Registers
Congregational & Independent Baptisms
Congregational & Independent Burials
Other Congregational/Independent Records
Congregational & Independent References

Module 7
Quakers, Moravians, Inghamites, and Methodists Records
History and Beliefs
Quaker Records
Quaker Registers
Other Quaker Records
History and Beliefs
Moravian Records
Moravian Registers
Other Moravian Records
History and Beliefs
Archives & Records
Methodist Registers
Other Methodist Records

Module 8
Other Denominational Records
Swedenborgians or New Jerusalem Church
History and Beliefs
Bible Christians
History and Beliefs
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
History and Beliefs
Latter-day Saint Records
Latter-day Saint Branch Records
Latter-day Saint Emigration Records
Other Latter-day Saint Records
Plymouth Brethern
Salvation Army
History and Beliefs
Salvation Army Records
Other Salvation Army Records
The Challenge of Dissenter Research
Non-Anglicans & The Nation
The Industrial Revolution

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