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Planning a Research Trip Including SLC -Updating
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As family historians we all dream of one day walking the land of our ancestors, or going to ‘genealogy-heaven’ in Salt Lake City. Make those dreams come true, with sound practical advice from a ‘pro’. Researching away from home, especially abroad, can be unproductive and disappointing if inadequate preparations are made. The family historian is given practical advice on travel, accommodation, what to take, and what to expect in libraries and archives. They will then be fully prepared to accomplish their objectives. The second half of the course concentrates on the world’s largest genealogical library, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The text will guide you through the planning process, familiarize you with how the Family History Library is organized and gives all the practical tips a ‘first-timer’ needs to get the most from their trip.

One student’s experience:
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Course Content

Module 1
Ancient Relatives
Ancestral Places
Visits to Archives
• What Records Do I Need to Consult?
• Where Are These Records Kept?
• Points to Ponder
• Contacting the Archives, Record Office or Library

Module 2
Family History Society Meetings & Libraries
Local Bookstores
Daily Itinerary
• Bed & Breakfast
• Universities
• Youth Hostels
• Special Groups
• Relatives
• Lunch & Supper
What to Take
• Research Needs
• Briefcase
• Research Binder of Information & Plans
• Sections for Your Research Binder
• Note Taking
• Handbags & Security
• Supplies
• Souvenirs & Gifts
• Travellers Cheques
• Membership Cards
Sightseeing & Family Visits
On The Trip
• What to Expect At an Archive
• Index Room
• Search Room

Module 3
The Family History Library in Salt Lake City
Why Are You Going?
When & How to Go
• How Long to Stay
• What to Wear
• Personal Items to Take
Salt Lake City
• Where to Stay & Where to Eat
• Shopping
• Tourist Sites
Preparation Before You Go
• Get Tourist Information
• Update Your Charts & Lists
• Utilize Local Libraries
• Family History Societies - Local and Abroad
• FamilySearch & FamilySearch Centers
• Prepare Lists of Research Needs
• Find Out About Special Events
• Send Your Microfilm List

Module 4
At The Family History Library
General Information
• Special Needs Services
• Lost & Found, Parking Tokens & City Information
• Phones
• Stamps
• Washrooms
• Personal Belongings
• Opening Days & Hours
Floor Plans
• Main Floor
• Second Floor
• Basement 1 (B1)
• Basement 2 (B2)
Joseph Smith Memorial Building and the FamilySearch Center
• FamilySearch Center in the JSMB
• Basement of the JSMB
Reference Desks
Copy Centres
Library Attendants' Window
Using the Machines
• Film Readers
• Fiche Readers
• Computers
Using the Collections
• Languages
• Condition of the Records
• Books
• Reference Collection & Indexes
• Maps
• Pedigrees
Your Last Day
On Your Return
In Conclusion

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