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Organising a One-Name Study
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NOTE: This course requires compulsory materials to be ordered. Please click on the Supplies tab for details.

One-name (surname) studies are not just about collecting documentary event data on a particular surname. According to the Guild of One-Name Studies, the aim of the study “is to research the genealogy and family history of all persons with a given surname and its linked variants.” The study can be as elusive as the wild goose chase for a needle in a hay stack and is certainly a challenging pursuit. Nevertheless, through proper channelling of resources you may find that your research proves to be extremely rewarding.

This course will begin by examining the art of a one-name study and elaborating on the many different elements you should consider. Organising your research, searching for primary sources around the world, analysing the data you acquire, publicising, publishing and preserving your work are thoroughly discussed along with tips and techniques in the field of one-name studies.

Course Content

Module 1
About One-Name Studies
• About the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”
Required Reading
What is a One-Name Study?
Why Do a One-Name Study?
A Look at Surnames
• Derivation of Surnames
• Location Names
• Topographical Surnames
• Habitational Surnames
• Regional & Ethnic Surnames
• Trade Surnames
• Rank or Status Surnames
• Nicknames
• Patronymics
Surname Frequency
The Guild of One-Name Studies
Getting Started on Your One-Name Study
• Organisation
• Spreadsheets
• Family Tree Software
• Setting up Binders for Your One-Name Study
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 2
Documentary Data Collection
Required Reading
Documentary Data
Indexes of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in England and Wales
• FreeBMD
• Commercial Websites
Original Civil Registration
• Civil Registration in Scotland
• Civil Registration in Ireland
• Miscellaneous Civil Registration
Census Records
• United Kingdom Censuses
• FreeCEN
• FamilySearch
• The National Archives
• 1911 Census
• Census Indexes
• Filing Censuses
• Census Returns for Scotland and Ireland
• FamilySearch
Wills and Will Indexes
• Wills From 1858
• Wills Before 1858
• Other Will Indexes in England and Wales
• Online Will Indexes Outside England and Wales
The National Archives
Parish Registers in England and Wales
• Original Parish Registers
Gravestones and Memorials
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 3
General Registration in Other Countries
Required Reading
General Registration in Various Countries
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Canada
• United States
• South Africa
Census Returns & Electoral Rolls in Other Countries
• Australia
• New Zealand
• Canada
• United States
• South Africa
Other One-Name Studies Sources
• Australia Newspapers
• New Zealand Newspapers
• United States Newspapers
• South Africa
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 4
Analysing The Data
Required Reading
Family Reconstruction
Naming Lineages
Finding Missing Data
Migration of Ancestors
Maps Sources
How DNA Can Help Analyse One-Name Study Data
• Registering a Y-chromosome DNA Project
Synthesis of Data
Types and Origins of Surnames
Evaluating Progress
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 5
Websites for One-Name Studies
Required Reading
Guild of One-Name Studies
Beware! Privacy of Living People
Websites to Connect With
Improve Your Chances of Getting Found
Social Networking
• Facebook

• Your One-Name Study on Facebook
• Twitter
• Why Twitter
• Using Twitter
• GenealogyWise
• Becoming a Member
• My Page
• Settings
• Groups
• Joining a Group
• Creating a Group
• Videos
• Chats
• Chat Room
• Blogs
• Why Blog?
• Setting Up a Blog
• Maintaining a Blog
• Finding Blogs
Contacting Name Bearers
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 6
Required Reading
Publishing Your One-Name Study
Articles in Magazines and Journals
One-Name Study Books
• Things to Consider
Seminars and Conferences
Publishing on the Web
• Website
• Some Website Considerations
• The Homepage
• Page Design
• One-Name Content to include
Safeguarding Your Study
• Online Archiving for Guild Members
Ensuring the Longevity of Your Study
• When Your Time Comes
Suggested Reading and Resources

Module 7
DNA & Your One-Name Study
Required Reading
Finding a Study
Creating a DNA Study
Recruiting Volunteers
Collating & Analyzing Data

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