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English: Poor Law and Parish Chest Records
Register (Fees/Dates)
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Family history is more than just collecting names, dates and places. In their efforts to recreate the lives of their ancestors diligent researchers will follow the economic and social ups and downs of individual ancestors and of their family units. There could be considerable movement within an individual''s lifetime and certainly over a few generations. This course concerns itself mainly with the lows of life—and it is a very rare family indeed that will not have some of these.

Some of your ancestors may feature in the parish administration or early ''welfare system'' records. They may have been recipients or donors of charity, or serving their turn administering parish affairs. This course shows you how to access the wealth of records giving details of their daily lives, whether they were ''on the parish'' or on the payroll.

The author has a keen empathy with those who spent time in the poorhouse as she has had dozens of ancestors and relatives spend time therein, and even started out life herself in a workhouse in Buckinghamshire. The highs and lows of life tend to be the best documented and the extensive material on the poor is waiting to be used in archives, libraries and Family History Centers.

Course Content

Module 1
• The Poor Law
• History of the Care of the Poor
• Monasteries
• Early History of the Poor Law
• Old Poor Law
• New Poor Law
• National Health Service
• Conclusion
Poor Law Records
• National Poor Law Records
• County Poor Law Records
• Union Poor Law Records
• Parish Poor Law Records

Module 2
Ecclesiatical Records In The Parish Chest
• Parish Registers
• Vestry
• Records of Vestry Members
• Vestry Minutes
• Churchwardens
• Lists of Churchwardens
• Tradesmen's Agreements
• Churchwardens Bills
• Churchwardens Accounts
• Churchwardens Presentments
• Other Churchwarden Activities

Module 3
• Sources of Charity Income
• Charity Disbursements
• Almshouses
• Glebe Terriers
• Tithes
• History of Tithes
• Tithe Records
Other Ecclesiastical Records
• Annual Perambulations
• Bederolls or bead-rolls
• Briefs
• Briefs Collected at Topsham, Devon 1685-1686
• Churching Books
• Churchwardens' Petitions
• Customary Fees
• Easter Dues
• Ecclesiastical Visitations
• Licenses to Eat Meat During Lent
• Lists of Ecclesiastics
• List of Excommunicated & Absolved
• Parish Magazines
• Renovations of Church Buildings

Module 4
Civil Records In The Parish Chest
• Parish Constables
• Appointments
• Constables Records & Accounts
• Poor Law Administration
• Overseers & Guardians
• Poor Rates
• Billing to Parish of Settlement
• Workhouse Out-Relief Accounts
• Guardians Accounts & General Ledgers
• Settlement
• Settlement Examinations
• Settlement Indemnity Certificates
• Removal Orders & Passes
• Settlement Disputes
• Vagrants
• Vagabond Examinations
• Vagabonds Passes

Module 5
• Bastardy Examinations
• Bastardy Bonds
• Bastardy Affiliation Orders
• Miscellaneous Bastardy Records
• Putting the Story Together
• Orphans & Foundlings
• Boarding Out Registers
• Pauper Apprentices
• Indexes & Lists
• Apprentice Indentures
Workhouse In-Relief
• Workhouse Admissions & Discharges
• Discharges
• Workhouse Birth & Death Registers
• Workhouse Baptism & Burial Registers
• Workhouse Inmates Clothing Records
• Workhouse Punishment Books
• Workhouse School Registers
• Workhouse Tradesmens' Accounts
• Workhouse Allowances
• Workhouse Food
• Workhouse Out-Relief
• Relief Order Books & Workhouse Out-Relief Books
• Workhouse Medical Records
• Smallpox vaccination records
• Militiamens' Dependents
• Delinquent Fathers
• Abscondence
• Repentance
• Magistrates Orders

Module 6
Miscellaneous Pool Law Records
• Creed Registers
• Registrar's Marriage Notices
• Visits To Young Persons Hired Out
• Assisted Emigration
• Highways
• Appointment of Surveyors of Highways
• Surveyors Rates or Assessments
• Surveyors Accounts
• Open-Field Agriculture Enclosure
• Land Tax
• Parish Councils
• Water Supply
• Miscellaneous Civil Records
• Historical Notes
• Lists of Parishioners
• Local Agriculture & Economy
• Medical Notes
• Militia Lists & Musters
• Records of Other Taxes
• Relevant Acts of Parliament
• Severe Weather
How To Find Poor Law & Parish Chest Materials
• County & Union Poor Law Records
• Parish Poor Law Records
• Indexes to Poor Law Records
• Workhouse Museums
• Poor Law Employees
• Old Poor Law Pre-1834
• New Poor Law Unions from 1834
• Records of Poor Law Union Employees
Further Courses & Reading

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