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English/Scottish: Occupations - Military and Services
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Family history is more than just collecting names, dates, and places. In their efforts to recreate the lives of their ancestors, diligent researchers will endeavour to find details about home, schooling, work, and community. They will search for pictures of people, places, and events connected to the family to give visual impact to the history. The family historian can also discover much about the occupations of these ancestors. This course and the companion course English: Occupations-Professions and Trades deals with other methods of earning a livelihood. The extensive material on the occupations and on individuals is waiting to be used in archives, libraries, and FamilySearch and its Family History Centers/Affiliate Libraries.

This course will help you learn what material is available and how to use this material to help you recreate the lives of your ancestors. English: Occupations - Military and Services will deal with the use of army, militia, navy, merchant marine, and many other services records in genealogy. These include police, customs and excise, railways, and post office employees. Background information on each service will be included with copious references for further study. Listings and examples of the major record types for each branch will be included. The student will be well prepared to launch into researching these occupational records.

Course Content

Module 1
Occupations - Military & Services
Defence Services
General Military Records
Army Organization
• Army Regiments
• Infantry Organization
• Cavalry Organization
• Royal Artillery Organization
• Royal Engineers Organization
Army Ranks

Module 2
Army History
Army Records
• Records of all Personnel
• Civil Registration Overseas Indexes
• Medals & Awards
• Prisoners of War
• Records of Women in the Army
• Records of Officers
• Transfer of Commissions
• Service Records
• Records of Other Ranks
First World War Records
Records after World War I
• Records of Royal Artillery WO 69
• Records of Royal Engineers
• Records of Ancillary Services
Military Hospitals, Institutes & Schools 
• Hospitals
• Institutes or Academies
• Further Sources
Illustrating Your Army Ancestry 

Module 3
Royal Marines
History of the Royal Marines
Royal Marines Records
• Records of Officers
• Records of Other Ranks
History of the Militia
Militia Records for Family History 
• Militia Lists
• Militia Officers' Records
• Militiamen's Records
• Muster Rolls
• Parish Poor Law Records

Module 4
East India Company & Colonial Regiments
History of the East India Company
East India Company Records 
Records of Service in India 
• Army Lists
• Discharge List from Indian Army
Colonial regiments 
• Australia
• North America

Module 5
Royal Air Force
History of the Royal Air Force 
Royal Air Force Organization 
Royal Air Force Records 
• Officers
• Other Ranks
• Fleet Air Arm Records
• Miscellaneous
Royal Navy
History of Royal Navy
Organization of Royal Navy 
• Officers Commissioned by the Admiralty
Royal Navy Records 
• Civil Records
• Census Records
• Church Records
• Naval Records
• Records of Royal Navy Commissioned Officers
• Lieutenants Passing Certificates
• Trafalgar Ancestors
• Commissioned Officers’ Service Registers
• Records of Warrant Officers
• Warrant Officers’ Passing Certificates
• Warrant Officers’ Service Registers
• Records of Royal Navy Ratings
• Ships’ Musters
Records Useful for all Sailors 
• Ship’s Logs
• Navy Pensioners & Sailors’ Widows & Orphans
• Trinity House Petitions
• Royal Bounty
• Naval Wills
• Miscellaneous Units
• Bringing Your Navy Ancestors to Life
• Naval Museums & Libraries
• Societies
• Other Naval Records

Module 6
Water Transport Services
Merchant Marine
• Shipping
• Civil Registration for Ships
• Census Records for Ships
• Certificates of Competency & Service for Masters, Mates & Engineers
• Lloyd's Captains' Register
• Registers of Seamen
• Agreements, Crew Lists & Muster Rolls
• Log Books
• Pensions
• Merchant Seamen in the World Wars
• East India Company Merchant Records
• Passenger Lists
• Miscellaneous Records
• Illustrating Your Seaman's History
Inland Waterways
• Definitions
• Records of Watermen & Lightermen
• History of Canals
• Life & Records of Canal Boatmen

Module 7
Communication Services
Road Transportation 
• Drovers
• Carters, Carriers & Carmen
• Coachmen (Carriages)
• Coachmen (Stagecoaches)
• History of the Railways
• Railway Employees
• Railway Records
Post Office 
• History of the Post Office
• Post Office Archives
• Postal Employees & Their Records

Module 8
Law & Order, Fire & Rescue Services
• History of Police
• Parish Constables
• Development of the Police Force
Policemen's Records 
• Records of Constables
• Police Force Records
• Metropolitan Police
• Borough Police
• County Constabularies
• General Records
Fire Services 
Customs, Excise, & Coastguard 
• History of Customs & Excise
• Records of Customs & Excise
• Customs Records
• Excise Records
• History of the Coastguard
• Records of the Coastguard
Lifeboats & Lighthouses 
• Lifeboat Service
• Lighthouses
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