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English: Occupations - Professions and Trades
Register (Fees/Dates)
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Many of the basic sources for family history such as civil registration, censuses, parish registers and wills will mention the occupations followed by your ancestors. This course looks first at the many ways of finding out what they did, then mentions generally useful sources. This is followed by a study of the classification of occupations. Sections on training & qualification in trades and professions allow us to profitably use the records generated therein. An understanding of the role of the various occupational associations is the next topic.

The bulk of the text consists of nine main groups of trades and professions. These are agriculture, building, commercial services, domestic services, fishing and whaling, manufacture, merchants and retailers, mining and quarrying, and professional activities. For each category there is an introduction to the available printed and manuscript sources regarding the nature of the various professions and trades, and then some indication of what records survive on the actual men and women engaged therein.

In a course of this size these descriptions have to be short but they endeavour to cover the main points of significance for the genealogist/family historian. Such brevity invites superficiality and glibness; however, it is offset by the inclusion of a significant body of reference material which should lead the student to more detailed information about each trade and profession.

Course Content

Module 1
Finding Out What They Did
• The Sources
• Trade & Street Directories
• Telephone Directories
Dictionaries of Biography
All Kinds of Occupations
• Country Folk & Townspeople
• Bibliographies of Occupations
• Dictionaries of Occupations
• How Occupations Have Been Classified
• Multiple Occupations

Module 2
Training & Qualification
 The Apprenticeship System
• Trade Apprentices
• Finding Trade Indentures & Apprenticeships
 Poor & Charity Apprentices
• Poor Apprentice Indentures
• Charity Apprentice Indentures
 Licences to Practice
• Archbishops' & Bishops' Licences
• Quarter Sessions Licences
 Schools & Universities

Module 3
Guilds & Freemen
• Freemen, Burgesses & Citizens
• How To Discover The Company
Livery Companies of the City of London
• History of Livery Companies
• Activities of Livery Companies
• Membership of Livery Companies
• Records of Livery Companies
• Freedom of the City of London
Guilds Outside London
• Town & City Guilds
• Town & City Freemen
Professional Associations
• Trade Unions
On The Job
Children and Women at Work
• Opportunities for Women

Module 4
 Agricultural Labourers 
 Animal Husbandry 
 Crop Husbandry 
 Land & Machinery 
 Gardeners & Nurserymen 
 Building Trades 
 Other Building Projects 

Module 5
Commercial Service
Cleaning Services 
General Labourers 
Domestic Service
Economic Contribution of Women 
Fishing & Whaling

Module 6
Animal Products
Carts, Coaches, Wagons & Wheels
Chemicals, Gas & Fuel
Clocks, Watches, Eyeglasses & Jewellery
Clothing & Needlecraft
Food & Drink
Instruments & Toys
Machinery, Guns & Munitions
Paper, Printing & Bookbinding
Ship & Boat Building
Tools & Sports Equipment
Wood & Plant Products

Module 7
Merchants & Retailers
Lodging, Eating & Coffee Houses
Mining & Quarrying

Module 8
Professional Occupations
Administration & Civil Servants 
Art & Amusement 
Science & Engineering 

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