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Irish: Immigration, Naturalization and Emigration Records
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Sadly, there are no complete records of emigration, immigration or naturalization for Ireland. There are some collections of this information available from Irish record sources, however the bulk of meaningful source material will more likely come from the receiving country or sending country than from Irish sources. In both case, we will examine the materials that are available involving the Irish, the time periods they cover, and their availability & access. It is often a sparse and scattered collection of records that are not easily investigated, however can provide a wealth of information on ancestors and their subsequent residences or earlier origins.

Course Content

Module 1
References & Further Reading

Module 2
Immigration Records
Who Was Recorded
General Types and Coverage
Brief History of Immigration into Ireland
History of Jewish Immigration
History of French Huguenot Immigration
History of Palatine German Immigration
History of Spanish Immigration
Description of Record Collections, Bibliographies and Indexes
Jewish Records
Huguenot Records
Palatine Records
Spanish Records
References & Further Reading
Jewish History and Resources
Huguenot History and Resources
Palatine History and Records

Module 3
Emigration Records
Who Was Recorded
General Types and Coverage
Australia and New Zealand
British West Indies
South Africa
Central and South America
Brief Analysis of Irish Emigrant Origins in North America
References & Further Reading
General History
Irish History and Emigration

Module 4
Emigration Records ... Continued
Description of Record Collections
Irish Emigration Records
Canadian Immigration Records
American Immigration Records
References & Further Reading
General History
Irish History and Emigration

Module 5
Naturalization and Related Records
Who Was Recorded
General Types and Coverage
Canadian Records
American Records
Brief History of Naturalization and Related Records
Canadian Records
American Records
Description of Record Collections
Canadian Records
American Records
References & Further Reading

Module 6
Major Bibliographies & Indexes To Irish Migration Records
Online Resources
Published Resources
Concluding Comments
References & Further Reading
Articles For Review

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