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Irish: Military, Naval and Pension Records
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The earliest records of a military and genealogical nature are contained in the ancient and medieval Annals of Ireland and other Gaelic manuscripts. These as well as later printed source materials provide valuable lists of officers and soldiers in local forces, accounts of military activity including officer personnel, local incidents and names of rebellious persons, the various records often accompanied with biographical and genealogical notes. We will discuss these records, their value, some historical background of these record collections, and their availability. In addition, our course will lead us through to the very important pension records which often documented places of residence, birth, parentage, marriage, and children. It must be remembered that it is often thought that pensions records related solely to military and naval activity but in fact, there were civil as well as military pensions granted in Ireland. We will conclude with a small look at the Irish and Royal Irish Constabulary records.

Course Content

Module 1
General Value in Military & Pension Records
Who Was Recorded
Military Classifications & Record Collections
• Army Commissioned Officers
• Army & Other Officer Lists
• Army Other Ranks
• Navy
References & Further Reading

Module 2
General Value in Military & Pension Records
General Types & Coverage
• Army
• Regular Army, Militia, Territorial and Colonial Forces
Other Lists
• Navy
• Pension
Solving Research Problems
• Army
Determining the Military Regiment
• Navy
Determining the Ship
• 1667-1853
• 1853-1872
References & Further Reading

Module 3
Military Record Collections
Brief History of British (Irish) Military Records
Military Campaigns
• Campaigns From 1660-1714
• Campaigns From 1714-1815
• Campaigns From 1816-1913
• Campaigns From 1914-Present
Militia, Yeomanry and Volunteers
Major Irish Police Forces
(Royal) Irish Constabulary
References & Further Reading

Module 4
Military Record Collections
Value of British (Irish) Military Records
Challenges With British (Irish) Military Records
Description of Contents in British (Irish) Military Records
• The Military Prior to 1660
• The Military from 1714-Present
Court Martial Records
• Types of Court Martial
Major Irish Police Forces
Availability of British (Irish) Military Records
Bibliographies & Indexes to British (Irish) Military Records
• Campaigns Prior to 1660
• Campaigns From 1660-1714
• Campaigns From 1714-1815
• Campaigns From 1816-Present
References & Further Reading

Module 5
Pension Record Collections
Brief History of British (Irish) Pension Records
Value of British (Irish) Pension Records
Challenges With British (Irish) Pension Records
Description of Contents in British (Irish) Pension Records
Post-1750 Army
References & Further Reading

Module 6
Pension Record Collections
Description of Contents in British (Irish) Pension Records
Major Irish Police Forces
Civil Pensions - The Old Age Pension Claims in Ireland
Availability of British (Irish) Pension Records
Bibliographies & Indexes to British (Irish) Pension Records
Concluding Comments
References & Further Reading
Maps of Ireland
Major Roads Systems & County Seats within Ireland
Other Important Irish Genealogy Websites
Other Important Irish Research Resources
Northern Ireland Archives
Republic of Eire Archives
Ireland's Heritage Centres

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