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Irish: Monumental (Gravestone) Inscriptions
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An excellent record source that connects major life events of birth and death to known and unknown family members is transcriptions of tombstones or what are more globally known at ''monumental inscriptions'' and in Ireland, ''memorials of the dead''. They often provide the only clues as to births and deaths of family members as they precede or out-survive other forms of primary and secondary source information. The course will discuss the value of these records, the time periods of their existence and use, an important review of the contents found in them as well as a discussion on their availability and access to them in, and outside of, Ireland. In addition, we will seek to discuss and uncover some of the more indirect elements of monumental inscription understanding. Several examples will be examined. A case study will also be presented.

Course Content

Module 1
• Defining The Source Of Record
• Defining The Importance Of Graveyards and Their Records
• What to Look For In Graveyards and On Gravestones
• History and Ancestry
• Lexicology and Language
Suggestions For Further Reading

Module 2
Defining The Importance Of Graveyards and Their Records... continued
• What to Look For In Graveyards and On Gravestones... continued
• Iconography and Poetry
• Burial and Artifacts
• Demographics and Mortality
• The Hand of the Artisan
Suggestions For Further Reading

Module 3
Recording of Monumental Inscriptions
• Monumental Rubbings and Photographing
• Materials Needed for Rubbings
• The Technique of Rubbing
• Materials Needed for Photographing Monumentals
• Cleaning a Gravestone
Suggestions For Further Reading

Module 4
Value, Time Period and Historical Background
• Description of Contents
• Bibliographies and Indexes
Suggestions For Further Reading

Module 5
Major Monumental Inscription Transcription Collections
• Strategies for Locating Ireland's Monumental Inscriptions
• Searching for Monumental Inscription Transcriptions
• Searching for Actual Monumental Inscriptions
Concluding Comments
Suggestions For Further Reading

Module 6
Case Study
Appendix A
List Of Known Published/Printed Monumental Inscription Transcriptions For Ireland
Ulster Province
• County Antrim
• County Armagh
• County Cavan
• County Derry
• County Donegal
• County Down
• County Fermanagh
• County Monaghan
• County Tyrone
Connaught Province
• County Galway
• County Leitrim
• County Mayo
• County Roscommon
• County Sligo
• County Carlow
• County Dublin
Dublin City
• County Kildare
• County Kilkenny
• County Laois (Queen's)
• County Longford
• County Louth
• County Meath
• County Offaly (Kings)
• County West Meath
• County Wexford
• County Wicklow
Munster Province
• County Clare
• County Cork
• County Kerry
• County Limerick
• County Tipperary
• County Waterford

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